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This is a pretty large city, in fact the largest in area in Zimbabwe. The population of this city is pretty high too. Before deciding upon the places to visit in Harare, it is best to take the services of car hire Harare for your convenience when travelling. The benefit of Harare as a tourist destination is that it is pretty well planned and one place is not that far from the other. Wherever one is staying, the Centre is something one should visit. If your place of lodging is too far from the centre, then one should definitely employ the hired car services. At the centre, there are plenty of things to see. There is the African Unity Square and the Angelic Cathedral which is a must visit. Apart from these, examples of architectural brilliance that can be enjoyed are the café shops and malls here. One can collect souvenir items from here to take back home. If you are fond of greenery, make it a point to spend some time in the Harare Gardens. With loads of color and spirit you will be greeted at the Mbare Market. This is located in the suburban area of Harare so one can take one of the Harare airport rental cars. A few other areas in and around Harare are Mukuvisi Woodlands, Lake Chivero, the Ewenrigg Botanical Gardens and the Heroes’ Acre.

Activities in Harare

There are many things that one can do when in Harare. The lion and Cheetah Park is one of the major attractions here. Rent a car in Harare airport and make it a point to visit this place. Make sure you have enough time to explore this vast tract of land laden with wildlife wonders. There are lions of the two sexes here which one can view up close. This park remains open for all 365 days and one can visit this place whenever they are here in Harare. One can also indulge in activities like fishing, sailing and Jetsking at Lake Chivero. For some brilliance in the works of sculptures, make it a point to visit the Ruwa Sculpture Gallery. You can go to this place in a car hired from Car Hire Harare airport.

All the joys and marvels of Harare can be enjoyed comfortably if one takes a car from the services of Hire Car Harare airport. All you have to do is go online, check out the details and book your car then. Hurry!

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