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Lusaka is steadily emerging as one of the most progressive cities in Zambia, as well as in whole of Africa. It has blossomed to a vast and ever-growing and cosmopolitan city. There are many cultures living together in the city. The city is best visited in the glorious days of spring. April, June and July are some of the best times to visit Lusaka.

Things to do at Lusaka

Lusaka is still on the path to complete development. For this reason, much of the labor force is engaged in small trades and businesses. These businesses involve in running shops and marketplaces in the city. There are some new and shiny supermarkets and malls in the city. However, tourists would like to browse through the traditional stores to know more about the culture the place has to offer. Here, the travelers can find colorful artifacts and gemstones. They can also make the best bargains at traditional markets, known as Kabulonga Road and Kabwata Cultural Village. The works of pottery and art are sold in these places. These attract many tourists and travelers.

Major attractions at Lusaka

There are two tourist spots, which are guaranteed to give you thrills and entertainment. One is the Munda Wanga National Park. With lush gardens, the Park offers spectacular views of wild animals as well as the tribal nomads. The place also houses exotic bird species. Equally spectacular is the Kalimba Reptile Park. It is the abode for numerous species of crocodiles, alligators and chameleons. It is also a rare place where you can find and buy leather accessories made out of the skins and hides of these vicious reptiles.

There are many solutions for car hire Lusaka . The big rental agencies and companies have set up their bases in the airport of Lusaka. Some of these can provide great deals and prices for car hire Lusaka airport. The tourists need to only fill in simple details and formalities. It has become easier now to rent a car in Lusaka airport. Lusaka airport rental cars are also providing facilities and services on the Internet. Thus, for tourists arriving in Zambia , things will be easier and more convenient with hire car Lusaka airport.


The city of Lusaka has spectacular and unique culture along with bustling market places. Certainly a ‘must visit’ place for vacations!

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