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Yemen is situated in the southern region of Asia. You will get to see a lot of historical and beautiful monuments in the city. Plus the people here treat you with warmth, respect and love, and you at every step, will fall a little more in love with the city. The museums and mosques are worth visiting. The museums like the Yemen National Museum are not open seven days a week and you have to get an admission ticket to enter it. You can do that through their website. You can also visit Sana’s, Ta’izz, and Al Hudaydah by getting a car for rent in Yemen.

Visit Sana’s by getting a car for hire in Yemen

Sana’s is one of the most extensive cities of Yemen. The first thing that attracts you to this city is the castle-shaped buildings which are the legacy of the Romans. Then you will immediately notice the hustle and bustle of people and a feeling of familiarity surges through you. Great Mosque of Sana’s is one of the most widely visited mosques by tourists in this city. You should definitely pay homage to this place and you can easily visit it if you rent a car in Yemen.

Visiting Ta’izz

Ta’izz is more popularly known as the highland city of Yemen. The reason for this is that it has many hills and mountains, and each of them looks more magnificent than the other. One of the main highlights of the city is Cairo green castle, which is situated among the emerald green gardens, and when seen from a distance it looks like a maze. Another place which you should definitely visit is Mudhaffar. This is a very old mosque in the city which has been painted in white.

Al Hudaydah--a beautiful city

After Sana’s and Ta’izz, the most celebrated city in Yemen is Al Hudaydah. This city is in a word, spectacular. You can see beautiful gardens, vast roads, ancient buildings including centuries old libraries, and what not. The Al Hudaydah gardens are spectacular and you must visit them as there are few gardens over here. You will love the mystical aura of the place as it is unique and will definitely make your whole trip worthwhile.

Car rental in Yemen

You should hire a car in Yemen if you want to view each and every aspect of this ancient city. You will have so much to visit that you will find it impossible to explore without the facility of a car. If you will rent a car in this place, everything will become more enjoyable. So to make the most of your trip, do make use of this facility. Moreover, in this way you will be able to go to other cities as well like Saha are Zabbid. These cities are also beautiful and will take your breath away.

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