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Located on the easternmost side of mainland Southeast Asia, Vietnam is surrounded by other countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. It is also connected to southern China, giving it its unique Southeast Asian and Chinese heritage. Vietnam went through a lot all throughout its history, from being a colony of China, to being a colony of France, to being liberated and divided between north and south. Despite everything, Vietnam remains to be a wonderful country, and all the influences it got from its colonizers influenced what can be considered as the exquisite culture of Vietnam.

Book for a Car for Hire in Vietnam and Enjoy Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, or HCMC to travelers, was named after Vietnam’s revolutionary hero, and was the former capital of South Vietnam. It is a prosperous city known for its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and mind-boggling bargains and sales. It also boasts of museums and other heritage sites that show the best of Vietnamese culture and history. Hire a car in Vietnam and head on over to the Cu Chi district to visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, which played a very important role during the Vietnam War. Here you’ll get a glimpse of how the Vietnamese fought for their independence, as well as their ingenuity and skill. After a tiring day at the tunnel, enjoy some banh mi and sugar cane juice as you make your way to Ben Tanh market.

Have a Blast in Hanoi

Hanoi is the northern counterpart of HCMC, and is the official capital of the country. Here you’ll see more of the foreign influences that entered the country, since Hanoi was the capital of French Indochina, as well as the major political center before the coming of the French. Book for a car for rent in Vietnam and visit the Old Quarter located near Hoan Kiem Lake. Here you’ll get a glimpse of the original layout of Hanoi, with all the merchants and traders lined up along the street. You can also get a glimpse of all the lakes in Hanoi, while taking a bite of the exquisite northern Vietnamese cuisine.

Cruising Along Halong Bay

Vietnam is a big country, and a week is not enough for you to fully enjoy all that it has to offer. However, even if you have limited time, you shouldn’t miss Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and part of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. From the Hanoi or HCMC, rent a car in Vietnam and head on over to Quang Ninh province, where you can have access to the majestic Halong Bay. What makes it so famous? It has thousands of limestone formations as well as islands and islets, giving it a unique appearance. Plus, you’ll get to see colorful Chinese junks sailing over the bay.

Book for Car Rental in Vietnam and Have a Wonderful Time

Whether you want to relax, shop, have fun or just eat and drink while on vacation, Vietnam is the best place to visit. With all the places that you can visit, and things that you can do, (sand boarding in Mui Ne, for example), you’ll surely enjoy every minute of your stay in this amazing country.

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