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Also known as the oasis of peace, Uzbekistan is a land-locked country located in central Asia. It was once a pivotal point of the traditional silk route. This country is filled with magnificent landscapes and fascinating history. You can expect to see the rich cultural background, amazing architectural marvels and ancient cities of the silk route on your visit to this country. Another thing worth mentioning is that prices of commodities and other stuff are relatively inexpensive. In addition, the people of Uzbeks are known for their unmatched hospitality. You can hire a car for rent in Uzbekistan to explore the attractions here.

Take a car for hire in Uzbekistan and explore the city of Samarkand

It is one of the oldest cities of the world and the second largest city of Uzbekistan. The culture of Samarkand is a unique mixture of the Indian as well as the Far Eastern and Western cultures. The beauty and splendor of the monuments in Samarkand make it a popular place among tourists. The intricate ornamentation, perfect architectural structures and facades are other spots that interest tourists who come here. This city is included in the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO due to its exclusive antiquity. Rent a car in Uzbekistan to move around in this city.

The museum city of Khiva

Popularly known as the museum city under the open sky, it is the spiritual and cultural center of Central Asia. The beautiful gardens and courtyards situated in the narrow streets of Khiva help in creating a lovely environment in the city. Castle Itchan Kala, which encompasses awesome minarets and stone-paved streets is the core of this museum city. Khiva became a part of the UNESCO world heritage list in 1990. Tourists can find a car rental in Uzbekistan and visit all the places of interest.

Nukus, the youngest city of Uzbekistan

Located near Aral City and surrounded by three deserts, namely the Kara Kum, Ustyurt and Kyzyl Kum, it is also the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. One of the main places of interest in Nukus is the Museum of Art that houses several 20th century antiques. It is a relatively young city in comparison with other cities here that have over a thousand year history associated with them.

Hire a car in Uzbekistan and visit other major cities here

There are several car rental services available in Uzbekistan to cater to the needs of tourists. Bukhara and Tashkent are two other ancient cities of Uzbekistan that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to the country.

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