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Located in the state of Washington, Vancouver is the fourth largest city in the state as of the latest census. It is the seat of Clark County, and is adjacent to other cities like Woodland, Washougal, Yacolt, and Battle Ground. It is also located close to Portland, Oregon. The county and the city of Vancouver boast different tourist spots and events that every visitor will surely love.

Rent a Car in Vancouver and Get Ready for an Amazing Vacation

First things first, when arriving at your destination, especially if you are on a vacation, you need to always look for a hotel room or an inn where you can stay. Your safety and comfort should be your top priority, so choose your place wisely. At the airport, look for a car for rent in Vancouver and then check out the city for that perfect spot to call your home, even for just a few days. Once you’re settled, you can bring out your pen and notebook, and start crossing out the places that you must visit while in Vancouver.

Historical Vancouver

Vancouver used to be an American Indian settlement, and if you are familiar with American history, you’ll understand what this means. Hire a car in Vancouver and drop by the different historical landmarks in the city. Make sure to visit museums to learn more about American history and culture. Feast your eyes on the majestic architecture of establishments and buildings refurbished and renovated to preserved their original beauty. Cap off your day by sampling some of the local specialties in Vancouver.

Shop ‘Till You Drop

Vancouver is a big city, which means that there are lots of thriving businesses in the area. This also means that you can go on a shopping spree while on vacation. With your car for hire in Vancouver, you can head on over to the nearest shopping district for some serious shopping. Scour the area for clothes, shoes, accessories, and even antiques and artworks. And since you have a car with you, you don’t have to worry about how you can bring all those bags home. You can even drive over to Portland if you are not yet satisfied with everything that you’ve found. Don’t forget to eat, drink, and get some rest in between trips to the shopping malls and department stores. You’ll need all your energy to bring everything back to your hotel room.

Have a Blast with a Car Rental in Vancouver

With all the things you can do, plus the comfort and safety that you’ll have with a rental car, you should definitely put Vancouver in the list of places that you to visit on your next vacation.

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