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For the last 5 years, Burgers By The Beach - Social Club has been able to eat at over 75 locations throughout West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale area. We get together to enjoy each other’s company and more importantly burgers. As we continue to find new places to eat, the blog itself has turned into a go-to guide for burger lovers around South Florida.

It’s hard to say that Florida is known for a special type of cuisine. With such a melting pot of citizens here, you can find anything from Cuban food to Sushi just as easy as finding a good old fashioned American hamburger. I wanted you to see first hand by taking a small road-trip through our little slice of burger heaven. Put the convertible top down and ride along as we share our favorites!

We would recommend flying into West Palm Beach and driving south for this trip. Start by heading right from the airport to Downtown West Palm Beach's - Clematis St where you'll find Grease Burger Bar. You can't miss the giant cow above the entrance. This is the perfect fork/knife burger you want after a long flight. Half of their menu is dedicated to burgers. Go with one our favorites, the Brother-From-Another-Mother Burger. This is actually a home-made meatloaf that is then formed into a burger patty, topped with applewood smoked bacon, swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms & BBQ sauce. Hungry yet?

Head South down I-95 to Delray Beach. Voted "Smallest Fun City" by Rand-McNally & USA Today. Here, right on the beach, you'll find an all-natural burger that is pure taste at BurgerFi. After you have enjoyed the burger, you can grab one of their custom concrete/ice cream flavors and head to the beach and enjoy the sun, sand & surf. You can't come to Florida without going to the beach... Why not enjoy a good burger there as well!

Delray has plenty of hotel options and nightlife to enjoy so now that you've had a good night’s sleep and are ready for more, let's continue to head south to Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburger House. This South Florida classic has been serving burgers for over 40yrs. This is a true Florida classic. Jack's is all about the burger! Shakes too... Soon to be world famous. Try one. You'll see.

Lastly, as you head to Fort Lauderdale, you can make the pit stop at 1 of 2 locations: Primanti Bros. or Gilberts 17th St. Grill.

Both have become well know locally for their burgers. Primanti Bros creates a true American burger topped with fries & cole slaw... Yup. Right on the burger! Then over at Gilberts, they are not afraid to give you the large fork/knife burger you crave. They have been featured in many local burger competitions and continue to feed the locals what they crave!

Remember. "We live where you vacation." There are plenty more burgers to try all over South Florida but this road trip is sure to please with the beach settings and easy drive down I-95 highway. It may only cover 35 miles but it's sure to leave your belly full. Don't forget to share your leftovers with us as you travel. We're always looking for the best burgers!

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by Jamie Frankel
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