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Oklahoma, USA is situated on the southern central part of America. The word Oklahoma literally means “Red People”. This name was given to this State because Red Indians were the first ones to settle down in this state. It is also known as “The Sooner State” because, formerly, tribes used to settle down here under the policy of “come first, take first” rule. An important attraction of this state is the Oklahoma State Fair which is held in September. It is one of the biggest state fairs held in the state. It goes on for eleven days and eleven nights which attracts millions from all around the world. These eleven days are rich with food, drinking, dancing, and prize winning. The City Rep theatre is also a must to visit place. Besides Shakespearean plays, many interesting Mexican, Turkish, and Italian plays are organized at the theatre. The tickets can be bought for $20 to $25. All students with student ID can get their ticket for $8 only. You just have to get a car for rent in Oklahoma to enjoy these plays and festivals. With a car, you can also visit the three wonderful cities, Tulsa, Norman-OK, and Edmond.

Enjoy Tulsa by getting a car for hire in Oklahoma

The second most extensive city in Oklahoma, Tulsa, is a paradise for the soccer and cycling lovers. The mindboggling game played by the Tulsa Roughnecks, which is an unrivaled soccer team here, is the biggest source of entertainment for the Tulsans. Tulsa Zoo is also the most visited zoo in the entire Oklahoma. What makes it special is the special museum inside which showcases all the specimens of the extinct animals. So, all you have to do is hire a car in Oklahoma and then for a ride to have the time of your lives in Tulsa.

Explore the beautiful Norman City

After Tulsa, Norman grabs the title of the largest city of Oklahoma. This city has also been decreed as one of the best places to live in America. Norman is also has an abundance of parks, the most famous being the Brandt Park. This park is not only an ideal place for picnics but also a good place for jogging and exercise. The Duck Pond is the highlight of this park where you can feed the ducks. However, don’t do it without the supervision of a guard or employee of the park.

Edmond; a treat for your soul

Edmond is the sixth most populous city in Oklahoma. Known for its artistic buildings, this city has plenty of steel and stone sculptures on every corner of the city. One of the most famous one is the steel sculpture of Virgin Mary in front of one of the Catholic Churches. The Islamic Mosque in Edmond is also a spectacular example of Turkish architecture. To believe it, you will have to see it for yourself.

Enjoy your trip to Oklahoma to the fullest after you rent a car in Oklahoma

The best thing about this trip is that you can contact any car rental in Oklahoma and hire a car. In this way you can set your own pace and you won’t have to be on the mercy of other people to visit places. You can visit as many cities as you want like Moore and Stillwater, and unlike bus transport, you can make stops in between your journey to rest for a while. So this facility to rent a car will make your trip more memorable.

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