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New Mexico is the perfect choice for those who wish to get away from the noisy world of urban settlements. The state is sparsely populated and will offer you peace and quiet that you wish for. The capital city of the state is Santa Fe whereas the largest city is Albuquerque. From cities and towns that have a wonderful arts and culture scene to UFOs and extraterrestrial, the state has everything that you could want in your vacation. Nicknamed “the land of enchantment” the state is best explored with the help of car for rent in New Mexico. This will allow you to travel across the cities and towns easily without relying on the local transportation.

You should hire a car in New Mexico to visit the city of Santa Fe

The state of New Mexico has the beautiful city of Santa Fe which apart from being the capital city is also a hub of art and culture. Located in the south west of the state it is also called the “City of Holy Faith” and offers peace and quietness to travelers. You can start your trip in the city by visiting the downtown area. This is a historical part of the city and is filled with many homes and buildings that date back to the days of Spanish Colonial rule. Present here is the Palace of the Governors which was made in 1610. It is among the oldest buildings that are being used as public offices in the United States. Entrance for the visitors is free of charge.

Visiting the city of Albuquerque

The city of Albuquerque is filled with many sights and attractions that are testament to the city’s heritage and its natural wonders. If you are visiting the city with your kids then one of the best place to spend time is the Rio Grande Zoo. It is one of the oldest zoos in the country that was established in the year 1927. The zoo boasts around 100 animals and numerous rare species that you can see in their own original and natural habitat. Children will love the seals, camels, Mexican wolves and also the mountain lions that are kept in this zoo.

Finding Old West in Taos

New Mexico is also famous for its Old West heritage. You can visit the city of Taos that still retains many sights and attractions of the Old West. While you are here you must visit the residence of Kit Carson whose brother was the governor of the state at the time of his murder. You can visit the part of the adobe where the wife and children of the governor dig themselves a hole in the wall so that they can get away from the murderers.

Why you need a car for hire in New Mexico vacations

By using car rental in New Mexico you can make sure that your holiday experience will not be marred by worrisome things like finding out schedules of local buses and taxis. Moreover you can save a lot of money if you rent a car in New Mexico, which you otherwise would have to spend on local transportation. Without any such worries you can have a vacation that will revitialize all your sense and give your unforgettable memories.

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