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Car hire Kentucky information

The state of Kentucky, USA, which is famous because of Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken, offers tourists a chance to have an unforgettable experience. With its numerous sights of mountain hollows, the famous Kentucky Derby, a multitude of Historic sites, and modern settlement, Kentucky is an ideal place to spend holidays with your family. You can visit the horse-breeding city of Lexington, or the peaceful city of Louisville, or witness the majestic Appalachian Mountains. The fact is Kentucky will not disappoint you. But it is best that you get a car from a car rental in Kentucky, so that you don’t have to rely on local transportation to travel to the numerous attractions and sights of the state.

Get a car for hire in Kentucky and visit Newport

Once you rent a car in Kentucky you can start to explore its many cities starting with Newport. The city of Newport, Campbell County, offers many attractions and landmarks to visitors. You can drive there easily from any part of the state. One of the prominent landmarks of the city is Newport Aquarium, which features exotic marine life consisting of species brought from around the world. Visitors see the wonderful aquatic life in the museum’s exhibits and galleries. You can enjoy Gator Bayou, Shark Central, and many other attractions in the museum. The museum is open all year round, and ticket prices are inexpensive. Adults are charged around $23, and children, $15.

Travel to Mammoth Cave National Park from Louisville

Approximately 90 miles away from the city of Louisville, lies Mammoth Cave National Park, which offers visitors a multitude of activities. Renowned for its extensive 365-mile caves, it is one of the largest cave systems in the world. There are fifteen different tours that you can choose from. Violet City Lantern Tour is the most engaging and mesmerizing, as it is carried out like in the old days with oil lanterns. Aside from exploring the cave, you can also enjoy camping , hiking, backpacking, and numerous outdoor activities.

Frankfort and its Churches

The city of Frankfort is famous for the historical churches that are found here. The foremost of these churches is the Church of Ascension, which was built in 1836. The Good Shepherd Church is also worth visiting; it was built in 1850 to accommodate the growing number of Catholics in the region. These churches represent centuries-old history and are definitely worth visiting.

Hire a car in Kentucky to travel easily within the state

The simple fact is that when you get a car for rent in Kentucky, you will not have to worry about the schedule of the next shuttle to Newport or any other city in the state. You will be at liberty to plan your own trip and choose whichever sight you want to visit. This way you can only focus on your vacation, and save all the money you would otherwise have to spend on local transportation.

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