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Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio, located in the US Midwest on the northern banks of the Ohio River. Right across the river is Covington, Kentucky. So a tourist visiting Cincinnati will enjoy two big USA cities for the price of one. Not that there is any dearth of attractions in Cincinnati, where the Over-the-Rhine German neighborhood offers the largest National Historic District in the nation. Combine the boatload of museums and landmarks like the Carew Tower, Roebling Suspension Bridge and Fountain Square with the famed Cincinnati Chili, and you have a trip worth remembering for a long time to come. To see all the sights here and in Covington, you will need to rent a car in Cincinnati.

Hire a Car in Cincinnati for Sightseeing

The Cincinnati tourist information center is located at 50 E River center Blvd # 810. The problem is that this address is in Covington. So if you have not booked a vehicle yet, now would be a good time to book a car for hire in Cincinnati. Once you have your wheels and the tourist brochures and maps, you can get going with the tour. The first point of interest is the Roebling Suspension Bridge which you will cross as you move from the south bank to Cincinnati. Head for Fountain Street and nearby attractions like the Carew Tower with an observation deck on the 49th floor. Other must-visit attractions include the Riverfront Park, Zoo and botanical garden, Coney Island amusement park and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Note that you can expand this tour a bit to include attractions in nearby towns like Newport and Petersburg in Kentucky, and Westchester and Mason in Ohio.

Over-the-Rhine Tour in Cincinnati

There is probably no better example of German-American architectural heritage anywhere else in the US. Visitors to this neighborhood are offered guided German heritage tours by Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, an accomplished author who has published an Over-the-Rhine tour guide. There are five possible itineraries including separate tours for the Southwest, North and Southeast part of the area. The fourth and fifth tours take visitors to Covington, to see the Main Strasse Village and Roebling Heritage Sites including the Suspension Bridge.

Tips for Eating Ice-Cream and Chili in Cincinnati

You cannot consider a trip to Cincinnati complete unless you have tasted the ice-cream and unique Cincinnati Chili that comes from a Greek recipe. For the ice-cream, visit Graeter's ice cream in Hyde Park, located right on Hyde Park Square. They do have other outlets all over the city, if you find it more convenient. As for the Chili, your top choice is Camp Washington Chili at 3005 Colerain Avenue, widely acknowledged as the original home of Cincinnati chili.

How to Get a Car for Rent in Cincinnati

For starters, you can find a whole bunch of agencies offering a car rental in Cincinnati for travelers at Cincinnati Municipal Airport (LUK). Most of them also provide pickups and drop-offs in the city and many have offices in the downtown area. Also note that many agencies based in Covington provide vehicles for Cincinnati travelers. The only way to possibly find the best deal among all these agencies is to compare them online. Select a deal you like and book your vehicle right now.

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