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The city of Sanford is located in the Seminole County in the state of Florida, USA. This city is a well known tourist spot in Florida. Sanford has a population of about 60,000 people. The weather at Sanford is of a humid subtropical type. The summer seasons are long, rainy and humid while the winter seasons are mild, dry and short. For visiting the city of Sanford, you will need to reach the Sanford Orlando International Airport (SFB). You can rent a car in Sanford airport to take you to the city.

Background and history of Sanford

Like many other city in the state of the Florida, Sanford was originally inhabited by the Timucuan tribe of Native Americans. Later on, the area in which the present day city of Sanford stands was occupied by the Spanish, the Europeans and finally the Americans. It was an important center for trade in those days. The city has been ravaged by a number of wars over the years. However, the city was developed for tourism and residential development from the latter part of the 1970s.

Famous attractions of Sanford

The city of Sanford still has the remains of colonial architecture which makes the city quite intriguing. You can hire car Sanford airport to take a drive around this beautiful city. The city is rich in its culture and history and has many famous attractions that you should not miss when you are visiting Sanford. With Sanford airport rental cars, you can visit the Museum of Seminole County History, the City of Sanford Museum and also the Delta Connection Academy. The city has some places of historical and cultural interest including old architectural remains that are sure to interest you.

Things to do in Sanford

Sanford is a beautiful city on the banks of the Lake Monroe and the St. Johns River. You can visit the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens which is a beautiful place. Use car hire Sanford airport to drive around this city and go shopping, fine dining or simply exploring the city. You can also visit the Sanford Historical Trail and various parks such as the Lake Dot Park and the Slyvan Lake Park. If you are interested in sports, you can also go boating or practice golf.

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