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San Francisco is located in the County of San Francisco in California, USA. The city is the heart and soul of the San Francisco Bay area as it is the financial, cultural and transportation center for the region. San Francisco City has a population of 7,468,390 and is an important tourist destination. The city has a climate that is classified as Mediterranean, having dry summers and moist, mild winters. The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is 13 miles south of the city’s downtown area and is a major international airport in the region. It is the largest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area with four runways and flights to almost all parts of the globe. Visit now to compare and analyze deals from companies worldwide at hire car San Francisco airport.


The area that is now San Francisco was earlier occupied by Yelamu group of the Ohlone people, and there is evidence that the earliest human habitation in the area dates to 3000 BC. This area too like its surrounding parts came under the control of the Spanish and then the Mexicans. Along with the Gold Rush came an increase in population as the area was filled with treasure seekers. Thus in just a year time the population jumped from 1000 to 25000. Later as the Port of San Francisco was developed and the Pacific Railroad was laid, the city grew and progressed. However, the earthquake and fire in 1906 caused great damage to the city but rapid rebuilding on a large scale helped put it back on its feet.


The first thing that anyone new to San Francisco must see is the splendid Golden Gate Bridge. This suspension bridge is the most visited, photographed and has achieved an iconic status. Opt for car hire San Francisco and drive down Lombard Street which is known as the most crooked street in the world and is quite an interesting sight with its sharp curves and surrounding Victorian Mansions. Other places you must visit are the Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island and the Japanese tea garden. San Francisco airport rental cars are available easily and are a good option for convenient sight-seeing.

Activities in San Francisco

San Francisco is a colorful city with plenty for you to do. Make a trip to Chinatown in San Francisco where you can visit temples, shop and eat at some of its popular restaurants. Car hire San Francisco airport will provide you easy access to all the corners of this fascinating city. You have to take a ride on the cable cars which run up and down this city. Take a ride on the Red-and-White Ferry to Sausalito and marvel at the breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay from there.

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