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Panama City is located in Bay County, the state of Florida, USA. The population of Panama City is around 40,000 inhabitants. Panama City experiences a humid subtropical climate. The city has a wet and hot summer season which is the longest season, and a mild dry winter. If you are planning on a visit to Panama City, you need to reach the Panama City Airport (ECP) and you can rent a car in Panama City airport to drive you to the city from the airport.

Background and History

Panama City was incorporated into the Bay County for the first time in 1909. At that time, the city was located in a region bordered by the 15th street (Highway 98) to the north, Bay Avenue on the eastern and Balboa Avenue on the west. The city had started out as a small village like most other coastal cities of Florida. Over the years, the city developed into a beautiful place and today it is widely known as a tourist spot.

Famous Attractions

Panama City airport rental cars are the best way to drive around the city and visit all the fantastic places. You can visit the Marina Civic Center which is a performing arts hub. It is one of the most important cultural places in Panama City. You can also visit the Martin Theatre which is well known for hosting plays, musicals and so on. Hire car Panama City airport to go to the Visual Arts Centre of Panama City. The Visual Arts Centre is known to host some of the most distinguished art exhibitions in the world.

Things to do in Panama City

The city is known for its pleasing weather, water sports, fishing, arts, entertainment, and as a pleasant town to spend a vacation in. Use car hire Panama City airport to visit the gardens, parks, the eateries and shopping places, Panama City is full of activities for tourists. There are some delicious fine dining restaurants serving delicious seafood like the Paradise, which serves delicacies such as shrimp, grouper and snapper and other mouth watering delights.

Benefit from the affordable services of car hire Panama City and make the best of your stay at this pleasant city.

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