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Mercedes is considered one of the most exciting cities in Uruguay, where you can bring out the adventurous side of you. It’s known to exude freshness with a hint of tradition. Known for its perfect fishing scene and nature trails, the city shows off splendid views that mesmerize every soul. The nightlife of the city is truly alive and kicking! It has some nice places to hang out at night. The growing economy of Mercedes attracts tourists from all over the world. Almost all of them like to rent a car in Mercedes and drive around to nearby places like Montevideo, Port Island, Cerro Alegre, and Punta Del Este.

Have a Pleasant Trip with a Car for Rent in Mercedes

Mercedes has cultural connections with Spain that includes its language, its taste in foods, and even lifestyle. You can pay a visit to the splendid tourist locations, like the Viscount of Mauá’s Castle, where you can walk in the mowed lawns barefooted, and drink the best wine available in the whole of South America. Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Cathedral is famous for its magnificent domes and façade and the National Historical Museum, which displays the developmental stages of the city and its historical treasures.

Know the Legends of the City

A priest, Manuel Antonio de Castro y Careaga, founded the city. Ferdinand Magellan is said to have touched this beautiful land many years ago. The National Library stores all these historical data, which are stacked neatly inside its book repository.

Experience the tranquility of the riverside and visit the paper mill city of Fray Bentos. Plaza Independencia is one place where every traveler can shop, and take home a souvenir with him. You can get good bargains here!

Cultural Mix

Mercedes is home to a variety of ethnicities from all over the African continent. With them they brought cultural traces of their land of origin, and thus started the `candombe`. Get a car for hire in Mercedes to move around and make it easier for you to get a glimpse of this city, which displays a cultural blend of its inhabitants. You can take part in the Llamadas Parade, which is an important event in the city, for it promotes cultural harmony between the various ethnic groups.

Have the Time of Your Life with a Car rental in Mercedes

What are you waiting for? Get dressed and pack your bags. Hire a car in Mercedes and hop on to have the time of your lifetime. Experience the life of an urban nomad in the midst of nature.

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