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Ras al-Khaimah is the northernmost of the seven United Arab Emirates. Ras Al-Khaimah is ideally located 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Those seeking a relaxing getaway in Ras Al-khaimah can land directly at RAK International Airport, which is 20 minutes outside the city and served by Oman Air and charter flights. The main draw is a 40 mile coastline with beach resorts and private, white sandy beaches against the backdrop of swaying palms and tall mountains. Adventurous tourists can head out into the red desert for dune safaris, challenge the Hajjar Mountains, shop in the old souks, see the ancient landmarks, and enjoy the boisterous nightclubs, bars and restaurants offering Arabic food and belly dancing. Any visitor who wants to soak this all in and visit the other emirates will have to get a car for hire in Ras Al-khaimah.

Rent a Car in Ras Al-khaimah for a Beach Holiday

There is something in Ras Al-khaimah for everyone, and all of it can be combined with a beach holiday. Hire a car in Ras Al-khaimah Airport when you land, and head for your preferred beach resort. From golf resorts sandwiched between a beach and golf course to a traditional stay in royal rooms designed with Arabic décor facing a massive private beach, you can take your pick. Rest up a bit and then head out to see Queen Sheeba's Palace, browse the offerings of the Old Souk, and cheer at the Camel Race Track.

Adventure Tours in Ras Al-khaimah

A desert safari is a must for every visitor in Ras Al-khaimah. A powerful four-wheel drive pushes deep into the red desert and climbs the massive sand dunes. Camel rides follow, and then an Arab-style dinner at the campsite in the open desert under the stars. If you visit during the winter, you must go to the Wetlands Natural Reserve to experience the cacophony of the flamingos and hundreds of other migrating bird species on their way from Africa to Asia. You can visit the Khatt Springs for a natural hot mineral water rejuvenation spa experience.

Explore the United Arab Emirates

Everything described above counts as only a small part of the attractions in Ras Al-khaimah City, which is itself only a part of the Ras Al-khaimah Emirate. You have the other towns and sights, and then the other emirates and perhaps other cities near the UAE. Start with a visit to Rams, which is ground zero for the pearl industry in Ras Al-khaimah. Khatt is the place for spa treatment, and you might also have to see Jazirat al-Hamra if you plan on splashing into the Ice Land Water Park. If you take a nice 3 hour drive along the coast, you can see the most famous of the other six emirates, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. If you want to travel outside the UAE, the most popular destinations nearby include Qatar and Bahrain along the coast, and Muscat on the other side.

How to Get a Car for Rent in Ras Al-khaimah

There are six providers in the city offering a car rental in Ras Al-khaimah for visitors. The best way to make sure you get a good deal and have a vehicle waiting when you arrive in Ras Al-khaimah is to compare the providers online. Select the best available deal and book your vehicle right now.

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