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Dubai is one among the seven states that form the United Arab Emirates. The UAE outlines the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf of Persia. Dubai is located in the Middle East and is situated between the Saudi Arabia and Oman. The UAE was established in 1971 by the “Trucial States” of that time after getting their independence. It is a stunning place and you can explore the city with Dubai airport rental cars.

Concise history of the city of Dubai

Dubai was first mentioned in the year 1799. The tribal of Bedouin fled the Nejd Wahhabis and form the place. The Wahhabis had to then settle in the present situation of the Dubai port. Dubai and the other Emirates signed off a peace treaty in the year 1820 together with the UK. The city was formerly dependent on Abu Dhabi but then got separated in the year 1833. In the year 1892, Dubai was set under UK for protection by a unique agreement. Unlike the other rulers, Dubai’s rulers welcomed trade and several foreign merchants especially from India. The city was well-known for its pearl export till the 1930s which had attracted traders to settle in this place.

Airport services available in Dubai

The Dubai International airport serves the city of Dubai. It is in the sixth position among the busiest airports of the world. There are about 130 flights operating from Dubai airport including five which have been newly launched. You can make use of car hire Dubai airport for quality rentals from the airport. You can rent a car in Dubai airport online at affordable price.

Tourism in the city of Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful place with several activities to do during your visit. The beautiful mix of desserts and beaches make Dubai an amazing place for you to enjoy and explore. You can participate in various activities such as swimming, sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling and many more. You can even travel to the nearby cities which are only a drive away just by opting for hire car Dubai airport service.

There are even yearly attractions in Dubai that attract tourists. If you opt for car hire Dubai you will be able to explore the city in a better and convenient way.

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