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Lviv is a city in western Ukraine where history and pleasure come together in a unique and fascinating experience for visitors. Beer is a religion in Lviv while the Churches are intoxicatingly beautiful. You must take a city tour to see the churches, museums and the old town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A beer tour is also recommended, and this is no ordinary brewery tour so be prepared for some surprises. Also rent a car in Lviv and be prepared to travel around to see other towns and attractions nearby.

Hire a Car in Lviv for a City Tour

Lviv dates back to 1256 and it has been ruled, annexed and pillaged by everyone from the Poles to the Austrians and the Russians. Some of their cultures have seeped into this melting pot, and this translates to landmarks like the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and the Roman Catholic Latin Cathedral on Market Square. The Market Square or Ploshcha Rynok is quite a popular place. You will need to get a car for hire in Lviv to continue the tour and visit the Old Town and some of the more interesting museums, like the Museum of Embroidered Icons and the History of Religion Museum. Do not miss the Shevchenko Monument and the Art Nouveau Lviv Rail Terminal.

Beer Tour in Lviv, Ukraine

Monks have been busy brewing beer in Lviv since 1533 when it was made legal by the Polish king. They have an annual beer festival and even a Beer Brewing Museum. But that is not all, because you can combine beer, banking and tourism – go to the Mons Pius pub which is a real bank building with over 300 years of history. An underground war bunker or Kryyivka below Ploshcha Rynok is actually a basement tavern. You might also want to visit the Hasova Lyampa or Kerosene Lamp, which doubles as a museum and restaurant.

Visiting Nearby Towns and Attractions

You can hop over to the adjacent city of Vynnyky to enjoy the pleasures of the Halaktyka Hotel complex with a restaurant, café, disco and extensive grounds near the building. You can drive the short distance to Horodok and its forest park on the banks of the Vereshchytsya River. You might enjoy a trip to see Zolochiv Castle and the Palace of Culture in Novoyavorivsk. If you like fishing, then you must visit Novyi Rozdil with its many fishing ponds alongside the river.

How to Get a Car for Rent in Lviv

There are a couple of agencies at Lviv International Airport (LWO) providing a car rental in Lviv for travelers. Another half a dozen odd are located in the city. If you want to find the best deal available, the only way to do it is to compare all of them online. Select the deal you like and book your vehicle right now.

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