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A beautiful city located on the eastern end of Ukraine, Donetsk lies on the banks on the Kalmius River. This city is rather unique in its cultural and lifestyle which is a combination of Ukrainian and Russian influences and a slight peppering of European traditions as well. Midway between Zaporozhye and Luthansk, Donetsk can be accessed via road, railways and air travel as well.

Rent a Car in Donetsk and Enjoy!

Donetsk receives a large amount of tourist traffic each year and thus has a well developed transportation system. While the fares are cheap, the public transport vehicles are usually very crowded, which may be a slight damper for those who like their space, and prefer slightly more luxurious vacations. Most locals recommend that visitors get a car for hire in Donetsk and explore the city at their own leisure. Moreover, with a car at hand, tourists can also drive down to nearby towns of Mariupol, Makiivka and Horlivka for day trips with much ease.

Some Lovely Tourist Sites!

The city of Donetsk has several interesting sites that attract a lot of tourist attention. The Planetarium, Train Museum and State Art Museum are most definitely worth visiting, with their awe inspiring exhibits and displays. The Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre has regular performances which are reputed to be brilliant, with the actors and dancers being of international renown. For those who like to go clubbing and enjoy parties, there are several nightclubs and pubs where both the youngsters and adults can have fun. With so many things to do and see here, it is best that one hire a car in Donetsk if they want to truly explore the city.

Parks and Greenery

For those who love Mother Nature, Donetsk shall be a most enthralling place. It has numerous unique parks that are unparalleled in terms of landscaping and variety. The Sheffield Park and Forged Figures Park are ideal for picnics, exercising and mere lazing about as well. The Donbass Arena Park is a European style garden that is well frequented by both tourists and locals. The Botanic Garden and Horse Riding Center are also clean, green and beautiful. If one does get a car for rent in Donetsk, they should leave it behind when going to these parks, and appreciate such beauty on foot – it shall be a mesmerizing experience.

Trust Car Rental in Donetsk

With the Ukrainian city of Donetsk being such a charming, exciting place, one can count on having a most memorable vacation here. And by hiring a car one can ensure they multiply their enjoyment tenfold.

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