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Located just near the Dnieper River, Dnipropetrovsk is surrounded by the cities Rezina, Antalya, Svitlovodsk, Kharkov, and Myrhorod. Dnipropetrovsk is a mish-mash of industrial buildings and mineral resources. It was not until the 1990s that the city opened its doors to foreigners, as part of its independence. Additionally, Dnipropetrovsk was once a dominant site for the spacecraft building industry. Visitors of Dnipropetrovsk are fond of the historic sites that await them throughout the city. Indeed, it is a good way to discover the rich culture and history of Ukraine.

Getting a car for hire in Dnipropetrovsk

The best way to experience the beauty of the city is to look for a company that offers a car for rent. Through this, you will get to have a comfortable ride as you discover the beauty that Dnipropetrovsk has to offer. This will allow you to visit some of the beautiful sites of Dnipropetrovsk, including the opera house, theaters, beaches, and the Museum of History. Although the city has its own metro system, there is no denying that renting a car is a suitable option for your own security and comfort. The best time to visit Dnipropetrovsk is during May, when the river blooms best.

Best places to visit in Dnipropetrovsk

There are several places that you should not miss when you go to Dnipropetrovsk. These sites in the city will give you a taste for the rich history and culture of the city:

  • Monastyrsky Island: As one of the most interesting sites of the city, Monastyrsky Island can easily be accessed via a bridge or through a cableway. You can find the popular Taras Shevchenko Statue on this site while also relaxing with your travel companions.
  • History Museum: This site houses unique exhibitions that narrate the history of Dnipropetrovsk and the whole of Ukraine. Some of the things you can find on this site include the statue of Pharaoh Ramses VI, Katjusha, 86 Babas, and even the first Soviet tractor.
  • Preobrazhensky Cathedral: Throughout all of Dnipropetrovsk, this is the holiest church. Apart from its architecture, the cathedral is also home to the largest bell in the city.
  • Dnipropetrovsk Theatres: This is a site in Dnipropetrovsk for those who want to learn about the rich cultural heritage and background.
  • Rocket Museum: This site houses some of the rocket sections that Dnipropetrovsk has contributed to the successful Soviet space program.
When you go with an option of car for rent in Dnipropetrovsk, you can visit each of these places and still have enough time to try the other activities that await you in the city.

Nightlife of Dnipropetrovsk

The industrial city of Dnipropetrovsk also has a very enjoyable nightlife. There are bars, concert halls, nightclubs, showrooms, and discos that await you. The good thing about experiencing the nightlife of Dnipropetrovsk is that the drinks sold come at a relatively cheap price. While beer and vodka are some of the affordable options available, kvass is something you should not miss trying. Some of the places you can go to in the city at night include Berlin Club, L’Orangerie, Labyrinth, M3, Reporter, Pilot, and the Shamrock Irish Pub.

When you rent a car in Dnipropetrovsk, you can experience the best of its nightlife without putting yourself at risk. Even though Dnipropetrovsk has already welcomed its tourists, there are still some Gopniks around the city. These are locals that engage in drinking and fighting with other people for fun.

Looking for a Car Rental in Dnipropetrovsk can be done online

If you would like to have a safe and memorable time in Dnipropetrovsk, it is best that you hire a car in Dnipropetrovsk. Thanks to these companies, you can easily move around this industrial city and not have to worry about your own safety.

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