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Lviv is located in the western part of Ukraine. The people of the place are very passionate about their original culture and their language. You should rent a car in Lviv airport to explore the place at your convenience. You can avail car hire Lviv airport at affordable prices and have your peace of mind by not having to worry about transportation. You can see statues of heroes and rebels and historical monuments. Somehow the region escaped from serious damages during the period of the World War II.

Brief history of Lviv

The old town of this beautiful city has been declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. Prince Danylo of Galicia founded the city in the 13th century. Over the years, it had developed to a wealthy center for trade activities. Visitors will be able to see Renaissance style Italian buildings that still stand until today. Today Lviv still remains as a chief center of Ukrainian origin and culture. During the 9th century, the present area between the river Poltva and Castle Hill in Lviv was occupied by a settlement called Lendian. In the 10th century a fortified settlement was established by the Lendians on the Castle hill. It was discovered that in the year of 1977, St. Nicholas which was an orthodox church was built on a previous cemetery.

Airport services in Lviv

Lviv international airport serves the city of Lviv. You can pre-book your requirement for a rental car from Lviv airport rental cars to reach the city which is only 5kilometers away from the airport.

Places to see in Lviv

To visit Lviv’s Old Town you can opt for hire car Lviv airport services. The Town hall goes back to the 14th century. You should see the Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was built between the periods of 1370 to 1480. It features baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles. There are several historical monuments and statues which are must watch when you are in Lviv. The Armenian cathedral, black houses, Korniakt palace, Chapel of the Boin family are some attractions of Lviv. This city of Ukraine will surely attract you and you will be also impressed by its beauty and culture. You can avail car hire Lviv service to explore the city.

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