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Located in the eastern part of the African continent near Rwanda and Kenya, Uganda is a rapidly progressing country. Until recently, this country was knee-deep in poverty with no available solution. But due to government policies and foreign interest, its growth rate has witnessed a considerable increase. With this progress going on, the country in going through a huge transition phase. On one hand you get to see the new visible markers of progress. And on the other hand you can see the rich traditional culture and practices that still survive. Visitors, therefore, come here in large numbers in order to experience this rich culture by availing themselves of the new facilities offered by the country. While here, tourists should explore the three lovely cities of Uganda, Kampala, Gulu, and Jinja.

Hurry, hire a car in Uganda, and rush to Kampala

The best place to start a visit to Uganda is definitely Kampala. Due to its position as the capital, every visitor to the country comes here first. This place has a lot to offer to them both in terms of magnificent sites as well as natural beauty. The main tourist attractions are the tombs of the former kings that can be found around the Kasubi Hills. This World Heritage Site has always been the official burial ground for all the kings of the Buganda District. It will be foolish not to rent a car in Uganda and come here.

Join in football mania

Uganda is a country that is really big on sports. Football is the sport that rules the heart of every Ugandan. Hence, you should get a car for hire in Uganda and travel to Gulu. Here you can find the Pece Stadium, where you witness football in all its glory. And when there are no football matches scheduled, you can go in and enjoy music and dance performances that take place here all year round.

Take a dip in the Nile

In order to enjoy true Ugandan beauty, find a car rental in Uganda and take a trip Jinja. Here you get the chance to enjoy water sports like river rafting on the Nile. Also this is the place where some of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were scattered. In remembrance of this event, there is a beautiful Mahatma Gandhi Memorial located near the banks of the river. Many people who admired him come to this place in order to pay their respects to this famous man.

Transportation is no problem, thanks to a car for rent in Uganda

Visit the beautiful country of Uganda and benefit from the various efforts facilities offered by the government to tourists. The rich Ugandan culture with its diversity will leave you spellbound. A visit to this African country will make you realize just how magnificent the nature can be, and with a car rental at your disposal, you’ll be able to check out all the sights in comfort and with ease.

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