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Turkey offers you many things to do and see, but most of all its unique location in the middle of two continents mixes eastern and western influences together, making it a unique experience for travelers. The cityscape is lined with many domes of mosques and minarets. You will hear the tremendous sound of the call to prayers five times a day, which ring and echo from everywhere. The wide open bazaars are filled with handicrafts and carpets and with the relics of the Ottoman empire. These make you feel like you are walking into a real life fairy tale. It is advisable that you hire a car in Turkey, so that you can move around in the country with convenience and ease.

Visit the city of Istanbul in your car for hire in Turkey

Istanbul is full of relics of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires that once flourished in this region. The location of Turkey in-between Europe and Asia has left its influence on the city. It is apparent in the attire of people who follow traditional Islam wearing jeans and polo shirts. Blue Mosque is a must-visit place. It will inspire you, as it is one of the most recognizable icons in the country. It has many domes and has four tall minarets that you cannot fail to notice. It is adorned by 20,000 blue tiles that shimmer in the sunlight. Admission is free but you are expected to observe proper decorum when you enter during prayer times.

Explore the ruins of Letoon

When you get a car for rent in Turkey you can access the country’s many cities and towns that offer you many interesting sights and things to do. You can travel to the city of Letoon where you will see remains of the temples that were excavated here. It will cost you $3 for a guide to these temples that date back to 2BC.

Come to Selcuk

You can use Selcuk as a base to foray into other parts of the country near the city, where you can find places like pristine white beaches and more ruins of ancient civilizations. You can travel to the city of Ephesus where you will find Roman ruins that have been meticulously preserved and are renowned for their well-kept condition. You can travel to Pammukale where you can find some refreshing thermal springs. Also visit the nearby area of Hieropolos where you will find the Temple of Apollo.

For a stress-free vacation, rent a car in Turkey

Upon your arrival in the country, you will have to screen the local agencies from whom you can rent a car. When you avail of a car rental in Turkey, you can easily travel to many places without depending on local transportation. With a rented car, you will be free to plan your own trip and visit cities and towns to enjoy their,wonderful attractions.

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