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Trabzon is a city of great beauty, rustic charm and cultural pride. It is a port city that nestles besides the Black Sea, in the beautiful country of Turkey. It has been a township of great significance since times immemorial - owing to its location, which was brilliant for trade and communication in the ancient and medieval era. Being a part of the famous Silk Route, Trabzon thus came in great interaction with various cultures, languages and ethnicities from all over the world. The consequences of such a vibrant, rich past are visible in the lifestyle and culture of the city as it is today.

Do Get a Car for Hire in Trabzon

Trabzon is an interesting city – there is just so much to see, experience and discover. Being visitor-ready and tourist-friendly, one has access of all modern amenities and services that can be reasonably expected. The accommodation options are plenty and the public transport system is well developed. However, it is generally recommended that one rent a car in Trabzon for it comes much in handy in exploring the town at ease, as well as visiting other nearby towns like Giresun, Rize and Cayeli.

Unveil the Historic Sites

Trabzon, with its colorful history, has many physical reminders of its eventful past. The Trabzon Museum shall delight all history and art lovers with its unique collection of relics and artifacts. Similarly, the 13th century monastery - Church Trabzon Ayasofya Church – is also a must-visit. The Ataturk Kosku and Trabzon Castle attract a lot of tourist attention as well, though the latter is not open to the public, being in the military area. There are several famous monasteries in the city and surrounding areas. But if one is keen to explore and see them all, they’d better get a car for rent in Trabzon for greater comfort and flexibility.

So Much to Do!

As mentioned before, Trabzon is full of opportunities to enjoy and explore. For nature lovers, the Boztepe Park is a most wonderful locale which assures beautiful vegetation and brilliant views. Folk dances are an intrinsic part of the city culture, and people can watch local men, women and children performing at festivals, weddings, and so on. The city also hosts three major annual festivals - International Sümela Arts and Culture Festival, International Akçaabat Music and Folk Dance Festival and Sürmene Mountain & Sea (Zarha-Madur) Festival. All these occur in the summer months of June to July, and the city is flooded with visitors coming not only from local areas like Gorele and Ardesen, but from all across the globe. In such times it is best that one hire a car in Trabzon, for otherwise, tourist transport is too overbooked and crowded.

Car Rental in Trabzon

Trabzon is a charming city that has retained its link with the past in great measure. It is good for a family vacation; though a rental car may become necessary for an entire family to go sightseeing.

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