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If you plan to come to Turkey you have to visit the city of Sanliurfa. It is renowned for its historical sites and many other attractions. Sanli Urfa is famous for being the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham and is also home to many lively bazaars, religious sites, and old stone houses which represent a city that has been caught in time. Located at the edge of the Syrian Desert, you can get a car for rent in Sanliurfa so that you can have the freedom to visit the cities of Bozova, Suruc, Kahta, Birecik, and Siverek which are nearby.

Rent a car in Sanliurfa to uncover the city of Prophets and history

You should know that the locals affectionately call the city of Sanliurfa as the city of Prophets, as many prophets are said to have lived here including Abraham, Job, Jacob, and Elijah. You can find the cave which, according to the locals, is the place where Abraham was born and now a mosque stands here. There is a small pond in the wonderful mosque and it is filled with fish. You can also visit the historic Urfa castle in your car for hire in Sanliurfa. Located near the Damlacik Mountains, it was built under the rule of the Abbasid Dynasty and is open to visitors who can climb on its ramparts and see the moats and two goliath columns.

The bazaar of Sanliurfa

When you arrive in the city of Sanliurfa, you cannot miss the vibrant bazaars of the city that are filled with merchants sitting under the hot Turkish sun. You will find artisans, coppersmiths, and tailors all chatting fervently and shouting their expertise or crafts to get the attention of the shoppers. As you reach the centre, you will enter a beautiful courtyard filled with tea shops and numerous tables with backgammon and chess sets as these games are played almost addictively by the locals. You can find carpets, spices, and Kilims in the bazaar apart from copper handicrafts.

The Archaeological Museum of Urfa

The city of Sanliurfa also hosts a small yet an alluring museum which allows visitors a perfect opportunity to learn about the vast history of the city. You will find interesting sculptures that were found in the Gobekli Tepe. You will also be intrigued by the statue recovered from the Golbasi Lake in 1993 which has caught attention of many due to its bizarre shape. It is now considered to be the oldest man made statue as it is established that it was made 13500 years ago.

Go easy on your legs, use car rental in Sanliurfa

One thing that you need to know about Sanliurfa is that it is a hot city with blazing temperatures. If you are going to spend some time here you must know that you can easily hire a car in Sanliurfa so that you can avoid the scorching heat and also be able to travel to any place in the city without relying on the local transportation. Getting the right kind of well air-conditioned cabs or waiting for the bus can be a very difficult thing to do in such circumstance and having your own car will be a great relief.

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