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According to archeologists, the city of Samsun was founded in 750 BC. Since then, it has progressed by leaps and bounds, and its picturesque surroundings and awing sculptures that were built throughout the city are reflective of its past and present glory. Samsun, the capital of the province of Samsun, Turkey, is considered to be the hub of antique and historical monuments, which makes it a truly informative city—a fact that brings a large number of tourists to the city every year.

Car for hire in Samsun: How it makes your trip worthwhile

Samsung might be a small city, but that does not imply that you will be able to explore it all on foot. When you rent a car in Samsun, you can see the most of the city in a few days. The Archaeological and Atatürk Museum in Samsun must not be missed. It is full of the artifacts found in the caves and Amisos area. This museum also features a separate section on Atatürk, his photos, life, and contributions. But, the timings are really strict so you have to plan your visit well. The most antique building in Turkey, Pazar Mosque, resides in Samsun, and you definitely have to espy it to enlighten yourself.

The must-visit places in Samsun

Besides the museums and buildings, the landscape is just spectacular. When you hire a car in Samsun, you should definitely take a trip to Karadag Gecidi, also known as the Pass of Karadag. This route also takes you to Amasya. The Tumuli tombs and Haci Hatun Mosques in Samsun are a testimony of the city’s cultural vastness and preservation. The tombs are as old as 300 BC, and the mosques date back to 1694. The Tekkekoy Caves present you with the civilization of the earliest man in this city and with their lifestyles. In a way, the monuments are heart wrenching, but visitors can’t deny their splendor.

How to make the best of your time in Samsun

Aside from the museums and mosques, you can take a look at the stupendous and breathtaking architecture of the renowned hotels of Samsun, including the For You Otel, Kaya Hotel, Samsun Park Hotel, and Grand Assos Hotel. The rooms and views presented are mind blowing, and even if you are not staying in any one of these hotels, you can visit them and appreciate the marvel of the finest of services and facilities. Samsun is also famous for organizing fanatical concerts and dazzling performances of different rock stars. If you are interested in them, you can reserve a place for yourself at the Kültür Sarayi. You should also visit the neighboring cities of Samsun such as Ankara, Corum, Tokat, Sams, and Janik, and getting to these places will be made much easier if you hire a car in Samsun from any car rental in Samsun.

Find a car for rent in Samsun for a perfect vacation

The city is of Samsun is worth visiting all year round; every season brings with it different festivals and activities that attract many tourists from around the world. This small city has so much to offer that you have to find a rental car to make your trip comfortable. With a combination of enticing history and modern facilities, Samsun is surely a city to add to your list of the most wonderful places for vacations. The sights and memories here will stay with you forever.

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