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Kusadasi is a coastal resort town and part of Aegean Turkey’s Aydin Province. It is located 22km southwest of Selçuk, and is a prime spot for mainland tourists coming by boat and cruise ship guests. The surrounding provinces include Izmir, Manisa, Usak, Denizil, and Mugla. Because of its natural beauty, it is no longer a surprise that the number of visitors doubles its population of 50,000 residents. That being said, the best time to go to Kusadasi is during the months of April to May (spring time) and between September and October (autumn). At the same time, these are the months when there is a high amount of tourists in town.

Hire a car in Kusadasi to enjoy the view

There are a lot of things to see in Kusadasi. Apart from the beautiful beaches, the town also offers the Grand Bazaar, where you can bargain at at 1000 or more stalls. As such, it is best to rent a car in Kusadasi so you can keep all your new purchases safe when it’s time to head back to your hotel. At the same time, you won’t have to keep lugging them all around.

A wild night in Kusadasi

When you’re in Kusadasi, you can expect to have a fun-filled night out with your friends. Locals truly know how to party and the nightlife in town gets very busy during the summer months. In addition, there are a lot of entertainment options being offered during these months. Here are some of the bars that you should visit while there:

  • Ecstasy Disco: This bar has two floors and a vast space for dancing. What’s unique about this is that it has a folding roof.
  • Necco: During the day, Necco is a beach that transforms itself into a lavish nightclub-by-the-sea when the sun goes down. It is the hippest place to go at night because you don’t need to look for a car for rent in Kusadasi to take you from the beach to a nearby bar.
  • Jimmy’s Irish Bar: The biggest and most popular pub in Kusadasi which both locals and tourists visit. Thanks to the giant satellite dish on its roof, the bar is able to broadcast must-see football matches.
  • Tattoo Bar: This is one of the gay bars in town.
You will find that Kusadasi offers a wide variety of options for all your entertainment needs. Thus, you’ll never be bored during your stay.

Spending your holidays in Kusadasi

Apart from shopping and experiencing the busy nightlife of Kusadasi, there are a lot of other things you can do during your stay. With its rich culture and heritage, numerous excursion tours are available for you to take. If you don’t want to, however, an option is to drive yourself to one of these destinations with a car rental in Kusadasi.

Why it’s best to get a car for hire in Kusadasi

If you’re a conservative person, you might want to stay away from large crowds of people, particularly men. This is because Turkish men have been known to ogle and whistle at women who simply pass by them. But when you’ve chosen to drive a car, you can get away with not hearing these demeaning and sexist remarks.

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