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The city of the whirling Dervishes, Konya is an ancient city in central Anatolia region of Turkey. There is much to do and see in this old city that is situated close to Ankara. Having a car for conveyance means a lot to a tourist in this city.

To see and do more, rent a car in Konya

While this seems cliché, not having a car at your disposal during your vacations in Konya can lead to wastage of time and money. Public transport in the name of taxis in the city is quite expensive and you can be easily duped by drivers not charging according to meters. Konya has scores of places of tourist attraction requiring you to be on the move as and when necessary. By arranging a car for hire in Konya, you are in control of your schedule and can spend as much time as you like at a place.

There are lots of ancient relics for those fond of art and culture

Konya is an ancient city and it was inhabited even 3000 BC. It is believed to have been occupied by Hittites some 1500 BC. It came under the Romans when it was called Iconium. Today it is a conservative Islamic city in Turkey. Konya is believed to be the birthplace of a Sufi mystic and poet called Rumi. His tomb in the city attracts thousands of followers of Sufi sect from around the world. Between 11th and 13th centuries, Konya was under the influence of Seljuk Sultanate of Rum. Seljuk architecture can be seen extensively in old buildings in the city even today.

Be mesmerized watching dervishes in action

As described earlier, one can watch whirling dervishes in action during their dance which is a form of worship. Men in white dresses dance ecstatically spellbinding the audience as well. There are many places in the city where the performances of Dervishes are held. Having a car for rent in Konya can be helpful in this regard.

Whether Seljuk Tower or other attractions, car rental in Konya is necessary

Seljuk Tower is a 42 story skyscraper that is one of the tallest in entire Turkey. The tower is relatively new, having been built in 1992. However, it is a salute to the Seljuk architecture in the city that attracts tourists to this ancient city. There are several important cities near Konya such as Eskil, Askaray, Cumra, Kulu, Alanya, Cay, Karaman etc that a tourist finds easy to get to if he can hire a car in Konya.

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