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Turkey is filled with many magical cities and towns that seem to be standing still in time, reflecting the rich history and heritage of the country. If you are in Turkey, you have to visit the city of Erzurum which is also the capital of the state. You will find numerous historical places here that are littered all across the city and it will be impossible to see most of them without using a local car rental in Erzurum. With a brilliant cityscape, wonderful sights, and many historical attractions you will not be disappointed with Erzurum.

Hire a car in Erzurum to find the historical treasures

When you arrive in Erzurum, you will find a wide array of historical places and sites that are worth visiting. As you enter the city, you will be met with the Aziziye Monument which has been built to pay homage to the soldiers and war victims of the Turkish Russian War. But what will mesmerize you the most is the wonderful architecture that the city has been built in. The city walls will remind you of the Byzantine rule over the city, and you will find numerous Seljuk buildings spread out in the city. You can also find the unusual mosque of Ulu Cami which was built in 1179. This mosque is unique due to its peculiar form that includes seven extensive naves. The mosque was built on orders of Mehmet the Red Lion.

Visit the Cifte Minareli Medrese

When you are in Erzurum, you will find the wonderful building of the Cifte Minarela Medrese which is a college of theology here. It was built in 1253 and has allured many due to its astounding and extensive carvings done on the stone. These cravings are etched all over the minarets of the medrese (religious school) and also on the gate. While you are here, you can also visit the three tombs that are in close proximity to the medrese. You will find these tombs fascinating as they are intricately carved and decorated with reliefs and paintings.

Find Palandöken

While you are in Erzurum, you can find numerous sights here, and even a resort nearby. You can follow the road to the mountains where you will find not only scenic views, but also the winter resort of Palandoken. Here, there are a number of hotels where you can spend the night, and enjoy numerous activities that include skiing which is famous due to the quality of snow here. You should rent a car in Erzurum to easily reach this resort as the road leading to it is well-kept and offers picturesque views.

Why should you use a car for rent in Erzurum?

When you are in Erzurum, you are very close to other major tourist cities of the country that include Pasinler, Oltu, Bayburt, Solhan, and Horasan. Apart from being in close proximity to these cities, you can use a car for hire in Erzurum to make your trip comfortable without any worries or concerns. If the car breaks down you don’t need to get it fixed, you only have to notify the rental agency and they will gladly replace the car as soon as possible.

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