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Diyarbakır is located on the banks of the Tigris, Southeastern Antalya, in the Kurdish Region in Turkey. Located at the crossroad of Mesopotamian plains and the rugged northern mountains, Diyarbakır carries a unique combination of the best features from contrasting landscapes. It is the center of a junction of other cities in the region such as Elazig, Mardin, Sanliurfa, and Bitlis. A major highway network passes through Diyarbakır, connecting all the settlements in the region.

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The city is famous for historic and grand mosques from the Ottoman era, such as the Ulu, Nebii, and Kasim Padisah mosques. The historic Diyarbakır Castle and Fortress and the Church of Virgin Mary are other structures of archeological interest in the city. The spas at Çermik are worth a visit when you are in the area. Gazi Köşkü is a nearby resort town ideal for picnics. Many religious and holy sites of the Islamic faith are found in Diyarbakır. Muslim pilgrims who wish to visit these sites should book a car for rent in Diyarbakır and complete the pilgrimage in full comfort.

The Great Walls of Diyarbakır

The most striking feature of Diyarbakir is the high walls of dark basalt encircling the old city center. These walls are thought to be from a very ancient period of human history; the Roman emperor Constantius is credited with the restoration and further extension of these black walls, which some people claim to be the second largest defensive wall in the world, behind only the Great Wall of China. Visitors love to view the four gates and dozens of guard towers and normally hire a car in Diyarbakır to plan a circling tour of the walls.

Malabadi Bridge and the Batman River

Timurtas, a ruler of Artkulu, Mardin, built the historic bridge of Malabadi in 1147 AD. Located near the town of Silvan, Malabadi Bridge has the one of the widest arch of its kind in the world, connecting the broken edges of the parallel ridges over the Batman River. The banks of River Tigris house a series of lush green orchids and gardens, a must-see for their beauty and diverse vegetation. You can plan a day trip to the nearby town of Mardin and explore the picturesque countryside. You can also visit a town called “Batman,” famous for oil exploration rigs and refineries.

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Many vacationers go to the downtown city center and hunt for famous handicrafts of the region. Beautiful works of pottery, leather goods, embroidery, silk garments, copper work, and many other artistic items are available at shops for very affordable prices. Precious and semiprecious gold and silver jewelry is another local excellence often sought by tourists. Keep in mind, however, that it is very cumbersome to navigate in the local traffic to visit the many different districts of the city. You can use our state-of-the-art online service to contact a car rental in Diyarbakır. This way, you can avail of special benefits attached to booking through us, and you get to choose from the vast pool of the best car rental companies in the region.

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