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Didim is not just an ordinary holiday resort on Turkey Aegean Sea Coast packed to the rafters with tourists soaking in the sun and sand. It also happens to be sitting on the ancient city of Didyma. There are significant archeological treasures here, including a Temple to Apollo. Get a car for hire in Didim so that you can explore the sandy beaches and islands up and down the coast. Take in the ruins and the sights when you get some time off from lazing on the beaches.

Rent a Car in Didim for Beach Exploration

Unquestionably, the best beach resort for visitors in Didim is Altınkum. Altınkum means "golden sand," and that pretty much explains why the place is worth visiting. The three long and sandy beaches with shallow waters and plenty of beachfront bars and clubs are ideal for both families and party hounds. There is a lot more room for beach exploration in Didim, so book your car rental in Didim right now and plan out an itinerary to visit all the nearby beaches and small islands. The second most popular beach area is in Akbük, about 12 miles from Didim. On the other side of Didim, you have the Majesty Club Tarhan Beach.

The Ancient Treasures of Didyma

The Temple of Apollo and the Sacred Way outside it are prime attractions in Didim. The story behind it is interesting and related to the sights you will be seeing. Apparently, both Apollo and Artemis were born in Didim. But, only Apollo got a temple here, whereas the Temple of Artemis was built in Miletus. The Sacred Way was therefore built to connect the two, and now, you have three attractions to see: the Temple of Apollo, the Sacred Way, and the ancient city of Miletus. Throw in Medusa’s Head and the ancient city of Priene to complete your archeological expedition in Didim.

Hotel Stay Tips for Didim Visitors

Finding a hotel in Didim is more about choosing the location, which obviously has to be on the beach. This limits your choices to hotels in Altınkum and Akbük, and the Majesty Club Tarhan Beach Hotel. The Palm Wings Beach Resort in Altınkum is a top-rated hotel, and so is the Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort in Akbük.

Hire a Car in Didim for a Coastal Drive to Bodrum

A visit to the Bodrum Peninsula is probably your best bet for a coastal drive. Get a car for rent in Didim and head out on the D330 past Akbük and Güllük. Explore the best beaches in the peninsula, including the ones at Torba, Turgutreis, and Akyarlar.

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