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Get a quote from us for the best price possible. Make reservations for Konya airport rental cars through our secure booking engine. Car hire Konya has a huge fleet of cars which come with a GPS system for easy navigation. Konya is the 7th most populous city in Turkey and is the seat of the Konya Province. This region of Turkey experiences both extremes of weather with hot dry summers and snowing winters. Neighboring cities include Ankara, Niğde, Aksaray, Icel, Antalya, Isparta, Afyon, Eskisehir and Karaman. The city has a rich historic heritage and driving through the city is like touring an open air museum.

History of Konya

The first inhabitants of the city were the Hittites believed to be earlier than 5,500BC. Later on the city fell into the hand of the Lydian Kingdom. During this period the city was known as Kavania. The rule of the Romans grew in the regions the city was taken in 25BC and its name was changed to Ikonium. During the rule of the Byzantine Empire the city was subject to raids by Arabs who were occupying a large region of Anatolia. In 1071 the city was captured by the Seljuks and Sultan Suleyman Shah made Konya the capital of the Anatolian Seljuk Region. It was then captured by the Karamanids before finally coming under the rule of the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Murad II in 1,442AD. It became part of the Republic of Turkey as the largest province in the nation in 1923 when Turkey got its independence.

Attractions in Konya

Whether you’re travelling for holiday or business car hire Konya airport has top quality vehicles to suit your requirements. Hire car Konya airport for all your travel needs at the lowest cost. The city has a blend of both historic and modern manmade structures and natural chattels making your sightseeing experience a sheer pleasure. Within a short distance from the city are two ancient cities which are Catalhoyuk from as early 6,800BC and the Clistra Antic City where you can see the Sumbul Church and the Hadj Plank Chapel. The city also has other religious monuments such as the Seljuk Pavilion Karatay Medrese and the Selimiye Mosque to name a few. The Alaettin Mosque is a must see built by Sultan Rum in 1219 and has been developed over years. You can also visit the Sille Aya Elena Church by Helena. The city also houses the oldest Turkish Palace which is the Kubad-Abad Palace built in 1,226AD. The city also has structure dating back to the time of the Hittite Empire such as the Fasillar Monument which is one of the largest rock structures in the world. The city also has numerous museums with well preserved exhibit from the various Empires which occupied this territory. The city also has numerous displays of nature’s beauty which include waterfalls, caves, thermal resorts numerous parks and lakes ensuring that your stay is eventful. On top of all this the city also hosts a number of events throughout the years. The most popular is the Mevlana International Cycle Race held every September. In this city you have no excuse to be bored with all it has to offer. Rent a car in Konya airport and take advantage of our promotions which include, free insurance, free fuel, unlimited mileage, Insurance waivers and Discount offers.

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