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Get a quote from us for the best price possible. Make reservations for Gaziantep airport rental cars through our secure booking engine. Car hire Gaziantep has huge fleet of cars which come with a GPS system for easy navigation. The city is among the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world with a history dating back as early as the 4th millennium BC. The province is the 6th most populous in the whole of Turkey. It’s an important trade centre forTturkey as it is situated near the Syrian border and the economy of the city is boosted by the manufacturing sector as well as agriculture.

History of Gaziantep

In ancient times, first the Hittites and later the Assyrians controlled the region. It saw much fighting during the Crusades, and Saladin won a key battle there in 1183. After World War I and Ottoman Empire's disintegration, it was invaded by the forces of the French Third Republic during the Turkish War of Independence. It was returned to Turkish control after the Treaty of Lausanne was signed, formally ending hostilities between Turkey and the Allies of World War I.

The city is believed to have been founded by the Hittite Kingdom in the 4th millennium BC. It was inhabited by the Hittites till 1183 when it was conquered by the Turkish Tribes. During the time of the Syrian Kingdom the town was known as Hamtap. The city was also ruled by the Assyrians, the Persians, the Romans and the Abbasids. In the 16th century the city came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire who named it Ayintab. The city was then occupied by the British in the aftermath of the 1st World War and then later changed hand to come under the French. It became part of the Republic of Turkey in 1922 and the city was named Gaziantep when turkey became independent.

Attractions in Gaziantep

Rent a car in Gaziantep airport and take advantage of our promotions which include, free insurance, free fuel, unlimited mileage, Insurance waivers and Discount offers. As you drive in the city, you’ll notice the Gaziantep Kalesi Fortress with the Kale citadel which dates back more than 9000 years. Beside it are some ancient stone houses which are still preserved among the modern houses around it. There is also the Coppersmiths' Bazaar on the south side of the Kale with a lot of artistic works for sale in its narrow streets. Visit the Archeological Museum which exhibits the Roman mosaics recovered from the inundation of ancient Zeugma. There is also the Hasan Süzer Ethnographical Museum which is an ancient Gaziantep house furnished in the 18th century style. Whether you’re travelling for holiday or business car hire Gaziantep airport has top quality vehicles to suit your requirements. Hire car Gaziantep airport for all your travel needs at the lowest cost.

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