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Located along the coast of Tunisia, next to beautiful clear turquoise waters, is the city of Sousse. Draped in rich history, culture, and architecture, every stone and corner in Sousse has a story to tell. Not only is Sousse known for its history, its beautiful and exotic sandy beaches are also worth mentioning. It is an especially popular tourist resort among Europeans of various nationalities and for people from other distant parts of the world. It is also a favorite among archeologists as a place to find hidden and buried memoirs from the rich past that this area has witnessed.

Why Rent a Car in Sousse?

To make your holiday experience worthwhile, it is an absolute necessity to hire a car in Sousse. Numerous options are available online for you to avail the car renting facilities at reasonable rates. With a car for hire in Sousse, you can not only avoid the over-priced local cabbies, you can also visit all the local attractions of the city, including museums, archeological sites, and scenic sandy beaches, all at your own accord and at whatever time you wish! You can also visit the nearby cities like El Kef, Llucmajor, Ariana, Annaba, and Douz.

Attractions in Sousse

Once you have successfully gotten yourself a car for rent in Sousse, the city opens up for you. You will get a chance to visit numerous historical places and museums inside the city. The Mosaic Museum, one of the most famous museums of the country, holds numerous artifacts since ancient Roman times as well as other extremely valuable and historically significant materials from all across Northern Africa. The Great Mosque, another popular destination for tourists, provides a look into the Arab architecture which is prominent here. The Ribat, an ancient fortress built during the first few years of Muslim settlement is another impressive tourist attraction in Sousse.

Things to Do in Sousse

Due to its strategic location along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Sousse offers an opportunity to visit the beautiful sandy beaches. You can enjoy a host of water activities like swimming, surfing, fishing, and diving in the clear waters. Other than the outdoors, the Medinat Alzahra Parc offers an extremely entertaining experience of the local theatre scene and is among one of the most famous attractions in Sousse.

Car rental in Sousse-An Easy Means of getting around

Your entire trip can be made easy and entirely effortless with a car for hire. You can explore the desert landscape on your own! Also, witness the rich history of Sousse first hand and find out how the city took shape and became what it is todayby going to the old but symbolic attractions here. The Great Mosque, Traditional Tunisian House and Ribat are only some of the many attractions you can visit in Sousse.

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