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Hammamet is one of the oldest cities of Tunisia. The historical heritage and wonderful parks which are amongst the most luxurious of the whole country, are definitely the city’s trademarks. Hammamet is greatly known for the wonderful scenery of its sandy beaches and luxury hotels situated in the shade of lemon and orange trees.

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Tunisia is served by six airports which are situated in different parts of the country. Although Hammamet doesn’t have its own international airport but it is equally distant from all of these six airports. There are indeed a number of coaches which can take you to the city; for instance, private taxis. However, it would be best to hire a car in Hammamet.

Great attractions in Hammamet

There are scads of places in the city which must absolutely be explored and The Little Medina is definitely one of them. It is a maze of small and narrow lanes surrounded by walls that were built during the 15th century. You can also find a number of shops from where you can buy embroidery, pottery and leather goods. For those who want to know more about Islam, The Islamic Cultural Centre is a great place of interest. This Centre is housed in a villa that is owned and managed by a millionaire, George Sebastian. If you want to travel to these places, the Car rental in Hammamet will surely be a convenient option.. So, make sure that you book your car to make your holidays hassle-free and comfortable.

Things to do in Hammamet

There are so many things which can be done on your visit to Hammamet. The nightlife and beaches of the city are indeed the other popular attractions of the city aside from the buildings. A wide range of water sports such as jet skiing, tubing, and paragliding alike can also be enjoyed. For nudists or naturists, the nude beaches of Hammamet are simply ideal.. Interestingly, you can easily get a car for rent in Hammamet to reach there.

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Hammamet is one of the major cities of Tunisia which welcomes tourists from all over Europe and Africa. Some of the nearby cities that can be explored while visiting Hammamet are Nabul, Dai Zina, Nabeul, Fort-Saint, and Tazirkah. There are very few issues related to the language so you can most certainly cope with it.

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