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Gabes, is the capital city of the Gabes Governate, a province in Tunisia, Turkey. The city lies on the coast of the Gulf of Gabes and is currently the sixth largest Tunisian city. Economically, this Tunisian city is one of the biggest in Tunisia. The economy in Gabes is very chemical oriented and this is further proven by its university, which offers one of the best chemistry degrees in the whole of Africa. The neighboring towns of Teboulbou, Ghannouch, Al-Matwiyah, and Oudref are easily accessible, if you book a car for hire in Gabes.

Hire a car in Gabes and visit the Souq

Souq, or locally spelled suq, is an open-air marketplace. At first glance, one can see that vendors sell their products from the backs of their caravans. Souq is widely known for its free market concept whereby vendors control the market price. Souq might seem like a normal market selling textiles, jewelries, spices, sculptures and antiques, but sometimes, souq is also the site of major festivals and many cultural activities.

Go to the beach and get a tan

Gabes, one of the biggest industrial cities in Tunisia, amazingly has one of the more attractive beaches. Gabes, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has an unusual geography. It is the world’s one and only seaside oasis. Sandy beaches along its coastline and the spectacular view, only add to a relaxing walk while you unwind after a tiring day. Book a car rental in Gabes, drive up to the beach, and enjoy a pleasant time there while getting your needed tan.

Mosque and Tomb of Sidi Boulbaba

Sidi Boulbaba is a patron saint and was the barber of Prophet Muhammad. The mosque named after him is located in the quarter’s main square, opposite another mosque with a tall minaret. The mosque houses the tomb of the patron saint which came to Gabes to bring peace and wealth to the town. You can rent a car in Gabes online and visit the breathtaking beautiful courtyard, surrounded by colonnades and decorated with tiles. This amazing site is open to the public.

Book a car for rent in Gabes online

With the many attractions in Gabes, which symbolize its rich cultural heritage and history, it will surely charm you during your visit. Just be sure to plan your trip early and book a rental car, so that you can move around the city with ease and comfort. With your rented car, you can also go for drives to the cities nearby, and experience a truly unforgettable vacation.

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