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Enfidha, locally known as Dar-el-Bey in Arabic, is a situated in northeast Tunisia and, since 2009, has become the world’s gateway into this country for tourists going to any part of Tunisia, be it Takrouna, Yasmine, Hammamet, or anywhere else. The town seems to bind Tunisia with its past as well as present and future by being a hub for both preservation of Arabic culture and for modern industrialization. Thus, the city plays host to visitors from all over the world, and Europe in particular, throughout the year.

Do Get a Car for Hire in Enfidha

Being the dynamic township that it is, Enfidha has always been the place that linked Tunisia to the rest of the world. With the completion of the Enfidha–Hammamet International Airport in 2009, its status as the gateway town became all the more appropriate and strong. Incidentally, the airport is famous for its state of the art technology and architectural novelty. Moreover, the township lies on the railway connecting Sousse and Tunis, thereby making it a convenient location from which the rest of Tunisia can be easily explored. It is then no wonder that many tourists prefer to rent a car in Enfidha and discover the county’s many delights using it as a base.

History’s Favorite Child

Enfidha can be called history’s favorite child as it has been pivotal, both geographically and otherwise, in shaping the country’s past in several ways. Apart from having a very rich recorded history, Enfidha is also home to several monuments and historic landmarks. Best known is the Henshir Fraga – an ancient Uppenna – which is roughly 8km north of the town. This cultural site has the ruins of a fortress as well as an old church that was reopened in 1967. If one does get a car for rent in Enfidha, the drive down to Henshir Fraga can be most enjoyable, allowing for spectacular views of the countryside.

Relaxation and Entertainment Guaranteed

Given its location as well as its general atmosphere, Enfidha is an ideal spot for both relaxation and activity. It is surrounded by resort towns which tourists can easily drive to if they hire a car in Enfidha and where you will find light entertainment that can be as private or interactive as you want. At the same time, the town is usually quiet and sedate, with not too much traffic or pollution. Therefore, lovers of quiet will not be disappointed here, either.

Make the Most of Car Rental in Enfidha

Enfidha is an enchanting town that makes for a good vacation spot for all kinds of tourists. The pleasure, however, will be doubled, if you have a personal car to ferry you around here!

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