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The city is located on the Gulf of Tunis on the Mediterranean Sea with the Lake of Tunis on the other side. The city stretches along the coast with hills surrounding it. The strictures of its colonial past, the old medina and the modern building give the city a distinct view which is a marvel to behold. The city is the centre of the country’s political, administrative and economic activities. Get a quote from us for the best price possible. Make reservations for Tunis airport rental cars through our secure booking engine. Car hire Tunis has a huge fleet of cars which come with a GPS system for easy navigation.

History of Tunis

The city is located on the site where the city of Carthage as well as Tunis originally known as Tunes existed. Carthage was founded by Berbers in the 2ndMillenniumBC and for many years controlled Tunis. Today Carthage is a suburb in the city of Tunis. In 14BC both cities where destroyed by the Roman. Caesar Augustus ordered the rebuilding of Tunis and the city found niche in the Roman Empire as an agricultural centre as well as a crucial military post. Under the influence of the Roman Empire, Tunis was Christianized and became a seat of the Bishop. By the 7th century the city of Tunis was taken over by Arab Muslims. By the 16th century the city was one of the biggest and richest cities in the Islamic era. In 1591 the Ottoman Empire took control of the city and the city continued to flourish because of trade. The city saw many wars with several nations fighting for the control of Tunis. These included the Algerians, British and the French. During this period the city grew in population mainly through immigration and became of diverse ethnicities. The French succeeded in occupying the city in 1881 as a French Protectorate. In 1956 after Tunisia’s independence, the city consolidated its position as the capital city.

Attractions in Tunis

Whether you’re travelling for holiday or business car hire Tunis airport has top quality vehicles to suit your requirements. Hire car Tunis airport for all your travel needs at the lowest cost. Bardo Museum is a perfect location for your 1st stop. It was built in the 13th century as a Palace in the Ottoman ear. It houses exhibitions from Carthage, the Roman era as well as the Historic and present Arabic Culture. Dar Ben Abdallah is also another museum Located in the medina with exhibits from the Ottomans Era. Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul built in 1882 is the oldest surviving building from the colonial era. Visit the Zitouna Mosque built in the 8th century but it has been upgraded over the years. It is the largest mosque in Tunis. Other historic structures include the gates to the sea which are Bab el Bahr built in 1848 and the Bab Saadoun 1st built in 1350 and then renovated in 1881. Take a tour of the medina and visit the markets which have a variety of locally made handicrafts. Théâtre municipal de Tunisia features opera and other performing arts. Also visit the Beverly Park overlooking Lake Tunis with a museum and a zoo inside the park. Rent a car in Tunis airport and take advantage of our promotions including free insurance, free fuel, unlimited mileage, Insurance waivers and Discount offers.

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