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Tobago is one of the islands in the Caribbean Sea that make up the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The island is very beautiful and contains many attractions, most of which are natural, for tourists. This breathtaking natural beauty proved to be a bane for the island, because nearly every major European power tried to gain control of this paradise on earth. Later, the place became one of the most interesting Caribbean destinations and one of the favorite places for USA and European tourists.

Have a car for hire in Tobago to explore the area

Tobago is smaller than Trinidad but is no less important than its sister isle in terms of beauty and natural attractions. The island has an area of 300 square kilometers and a small population of around 50,000 people. Most of the people in the island are of African origin. There is a small island called Little Tobago, which is close to the northeast tip of Tobago. Major tourist attractions lie in the southwestern part of the island in the form of sandy beaches such as Crown Point, Pigeon Island, Store Bay, and Buccoo Reef. There are, however, many more attractions in the island, so it is required that tourists have a car for rent in Tobago.

Spend memorable time at the beaches

Tobago is full of spellbinding beaches full of white sand and crystal-clear waters. But, the natural beauty is not enough, because these beaches have been developed in the shape of resorts with all facilities and amenities. World-class accommodation allows for an unforgettable vacation experience to tourists who throng to these beaches in thousands from all parts of the world. Car rental in Tobago is a prudent idea, because it allows tourists to spend as much time as they like at a particular place of tourist attraction. Some of the most popular beaches are Englishman’s Bay, Bloody Bay, and Castara.

Enjoy the water sports to the hilt

Tobago is considered a paradise for divers, especially because many diving championship take place on the island during the year. The island is famous for its coral reefs lying in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. To make diving attractive for the tourists, wrecks have been strategically pushed inside. One of these is Maverick Ferry, which used to carry passengers between Trinidad and Tobago to and fro. Divers are also mesmerized to see scores of attractive species of fish.

Rent a car in Tobago to have unlimited fun

With so much to see and do in Tobago, tourists consider the island an ideal getaway, particularly to those who want to spend their vacation in the lap of nature. Hire a car in Tobago to enjoy the bounty of nature and move in and around the island with ease and comfort.

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