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Togo is one of the many countries inside West Africa, like Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin. Like any other African countries, Togo excels in estate-oriented economy like coffee, cocoa, and palm oil. Lome is the industrial center for all its exports. Even though the city has plenty of industries, it also features attractions that will enable you to enjoy a holiday here. Hire a car in Lome and explore the city!

How to rent a car in Lome?

Renting a car is easy, especially in this era. You can find a car for hire in Lome even before you reach the city. Book a car online, and after you have picked the type that suits your taste, you can go for drives inside Lome. Without a rented car, it will be hard for you to explore Lome, because it is a relatively big city with almost a million people.

Visit the city’s attractions

The most popular place to explore in Lome is its Grand Market, which is a big, 3-story high building selling almost everything you need. Just name it: spices, herbs, foods or even perfumes, you can get them all here. It is quite easy to explore the Grand Market because things sold are classified by floor levels. If you are looking for a souvenir to take back home, the best place to go to is this market.

Still cannot find what you need?

If by a rare chance you cannot find what you need in the Grand Market, rest easy. Use a car for rent in Lome and go to the Fetish Market, which is a more unique, or eerie looking market compared to Grand Market. This is because most of the things here are those which you cannot find elsewhere. The Fetish Market is where all the witch doctors get their ‘ingredients’ to make traditional charms or remedies, so better be prepared for this. Some of the things that you can find here are animal skulls, chimpanzee hands which can be a goalkeeper’s charm, and of course, the voodoo dolls. Exotic item collectors will have the time of their life here.

Using a car rental in Lome

There are a lot of other places that you can go to in Lome, and you can visit them all if you have a rented car. Some of the other places you must visit are the Togo National Museum, Lome Cathedral, and also the University of Lome. Adventure will be the theme of your holiday in Tome, so you better be prepared to indulge in the kind of activities that this will entail!

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