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Pattaya is a prominent city in the northern part of Thailand in the Continent of South East Asia. It is not too far away from big cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Ayuthya, Chiang Min, and Thansimvat. Pattaya has a rich historical and cultural past dating back several thousand years. The kingdom of Pattaya had a very significant role to play during the Religious Wars of Siam. When you visit the city, you should opt for the services of a car rental in Pattaya for looking into your travel requirements during your stay.

Cruise Through the City with a Car for Rent in Pattaya

Pattaya is best navigated with the help of the rental cars. This is because the rental cars feature extensive mileage and comfortable seating facilities. When you rent a car in Pattaya for touring the city, you will be much more comfortable than you would be if you took a bus or the train. You would also be able to get to the main points of tourist interest in the city much faster and easier.

Experience a Varied Gourmet Dining Experience in Pattaya

Indian and Chinese food are extremely popular in the city of Pattaya. Indian Curry Delights is a famous eatery located in the city center. Here you can get to enjoy some exotic Indian food items, mainly the northern Indian cuisine. Ling’s is a much visited Chinese restaurant in the city specializing in dumplings. If you hire one of the rental cars, you will be able to get to these dining locations in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Drinking Options to Explore in Pattaya

Pattaya in Thailand is famous for its numerous pubs. Omega 3 is a well-known pub in the city which serves an extensive range of wines and other alcoholic drinks. A unique feature of this pub is the fact that you can get your drinks at cheap rates during a certain time in the day, that is between seven and eight in the evening. The pub can be accessed easily if you use the rental cars.

Witnessing Exotic Sights with a Car for Hire in Pattaya

If you hire a car in Pattaya, you can make your way to the Castle of the Three Monarchs in the city center. This castle was constructed by the Ayuthya Monarchs in Pattaya.

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