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Koh Samui is a peaceful and beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is located in Southeast Thailand, in the Surat Thani province. Actually, Ko means "island" in Thai so the island's traditional name is Ko Samui or Samui Island. It is a peaceful place, where you explore the six or seven beaches and the pier, watch buffalo fights and boxing matches and spend your evenings marveling at the spectacular sunsets. Then you head for the bars or the nightclubs in Chaweng or Lamai. You will need to rent a car in Koh Samui if you plan on exploring all the attractions on the island.

Hire a Car in Koh Samui for Sightseeing

Nathon is the port and main town, but it does not really have any major tourist attractions. But the rest of the island is full of weird and wonderful attractions, which you will be able to see if you get a car for rent in Koh Samui. There is a temple called Wat Khunaram with a mummified monk sitting upright in a glass case. The Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks are two rocks on Lamai Beach which oddly enough resemble the male and female reproductive organs. There is a butterfly garden and a magic garden. Monkeys and elephants do tricks on the road behind Bo Phut beach. There are a couple of arenas for buffalo fights, and three or four boxing rings such as the Chaweng Stadium and the Lamai Stadium.

Beach Guide for Koh Samui

The beaches are the main reason why visitors come here. The most popular one is Chaweng Beach, which is now fully "commercialized" with 5-star hotels and bars and fast food joints. This is where you stay if you came here looking for a place to party. Lamai Beach is somewhat similar, but not as bad. Go north of Lamai, and you will find the stunningly beautiful Ao Tong Takian beach. Bo Phut is a popular place for dives, and this beach and the nearby Big Buddha Beach are located near the airport so it is convenient for visitors. Nathon is the port and the place where the travel agencies are all located, so many people will end up here anyway.

Nightlife Tips for Koh Samui

The nightlife on Koh Samui is mostly restricted to Chaweng and Lamai. Central Chaweng or the area around the giant U-shaped Soi Green Mango is the most happening place on the island as far as nightlife is concerned. Apart from the Green Mango Club, you could try the Reggae Pub, Solo Bar and the Sweet Soul Café. The Shamrock Pub in Lamai is a great place for football (soccer) fans to watch matches. There are plenty of go-go bars and you can even catch female mud-wrestling in Lamai.

How to Get a Car for Hire in Koh Samui

There are six agencies located at the Koh Samui Airport (USM) providing a car rental in Koh Samui for visitors. Many more can be found lined up nearby at Bo Phut and on all the coastal towns and popular beaches. The only way to find out which one is offering the best deal is to compare them online. Select the deal you like and book your vehicle right now.

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