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Best known as an alternative to Chiang Mai, the province of Chiangrai covers an approximate area of 11,678 square kilometres. 820km north of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, it is situated between Pha Yao and Chiang Mai . Closest to it though, are Laos and Myanmar, which border the city on both sides. The best time to visit Chiangrai is during March, when the weather is a mix of hot and cool. Monsoon season begins in May and usually ends in October.

Seeing the city with a car for hire in Chiangrai

The Amphoe Chiang Saen is a part of Chiangrai, which marks the notorious Golden Triangle area. As the main converging point of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand, the area was once known as the center of production of illegal substances such as heroin and opium. But because of strict enforcement imposed by various countries, the practice of producing drugs has been eradicated from the area. Thus, it is generally a safe idea to visit the province with the help of a car rental in Chiangrai.

Museums in Chiangrai

In spite of its dark past, the province of Chiangrai is full of temples and museums that depict the culture of the locals. A visit to the museums of Chiangrai is a must once you get to the destination. Here are some of the most popular museums that you should visit in the province:

  • Hill Tribe Museum and Education Centre: The museum provides a better understanding of the different hill tribes that can be found in the province. As part of displaying their lifestyle and culture, the museum has a number of low-key but interesting displays comprising housing styles, utensils, tools, and equipment used for hunting, fishing, and agriculture.
  • Cultural Hall Museum: Using a car for rent in Chiangrai, you can drive to the Cultural Hall Museum on Singhaklai Road to witness the massive statue of King Mongkut. In addition, the museum will give you a look at Thailand’s prehistoric tools, costumes, ancient pottery, medieval cannons, as well as some of the examples of ancient Lanna literature written in the original Dhamma script.
  • Oub Kham Museum: Visitors of this museum are treated to a bounty that captures the rich history of Thailand—from its collection of 120-year old ancient fabrics to the golden throne, Sin Mai Kham-golden silk skirts to the king’s golden costumes. The highlight of the museum, of course, is none other than the golden bowl which was once used by royals.

Modern life of Chiangrai

If you think Chiangrai is an old province, you will be surprised at the number of tourist destinations available. At night, you can hire a car in Chiangrai to help you visit the assortment of entertainment options, including the Cat Bar and the Teepee Bar. Another option is to visit the Centre Point Night Bazaar where you can enjoy some Thai music and performances by local ladyboys.

Rent a car in Chiangrai for your own convenience

While you can easily rent a car to go around Chiangrai, another option is to use the tuk-tuk and the songthaew. But if you prefer to stay comfortable during your visit in the province, driving your own car is the best way to travel.

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