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Syria is located in the Western region of Asia and has Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon as its neighbors. This country is filled with lush green gardens, pristine beaches, and glorious mountain ranges. The most populous and widely visited cities of Syria are Aleppo, Damascus, and Daara. These cities are beautiful and each of them has something unique and spectacular to offer you. So if you want to enjoy your time thoroughly, you must get a car for hire in Syria.

Rent a car in Syria and Visit the very mesmerizing Aleppo

Aleppo is the most populous and most extensive city of Syria. This city is a sight to see at nighttime when the whole city is bathe in lights. The marvelous architecture and the huge buildings never cease to amaze you in this city. The main highlight of the city is the National Museum of Aleppo. This Museum is the pride of the city, as it is symbolic of the past and present glory of Aleppo. You can buy the admission tickets from the website of this museum, and you can visit it by getting a car for rent in Syria.

The breathtaking Damascus

Damascus is an exotic city through and through. Because it is located near the Mediterranean Sea, you will see an abundance of palm trees and vegetation in this city. The beautiful and intriguing buildings, the hustle and bustle of people, and the exquisite hotels make Damascus a lovely vacation destination.

While you are in Damascus, you must visit Madaya. This is a resort in the city and the tourists would do anything, short of murder, to get a room in the resort. So do not miss this golden opportunity at any cost.

The glorious Daara

Daara is another mesmerizing city in Syria. The never-ending gardens and beautiful mosques are the highlights of the city. The environment is serene and the people are quite charming. The hotels in this city are simply exquisite. If you are in Daara, you must visit the Bosra square. Though it is only a large piece of land, at night this land is transformed into something out of Arabian nights. The lighting, the stalls, and the crowds make you feel that you truly are celebrating life.

Car rental in Syria--the best option

If you want to have a spectacular time, you should hire a car in Syria. This will give you a chance to get to the city really fast . Plus this is also a great opportunity to visit some other cities of Syria like Al Bab and Fiq. So, you should make the most of your trip, as you won’t get to visit such exotic lands often. Book a rental car online, and you will surely make your trip memorable.

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