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A city in western Syria, Homs is located on the banks of River Orontes. Known as Emesa during Roman times, today it is the capital of Homs Governorate. Tourists visiting Homs will be struck by its ethnic values, tradition, and love for food. All in all, it promises to be a vacation you will cherish forever.

For Comfort and Convenience - Hire a Car in Homs

The sights of Homs are best explored via car. So you should get a car for hire in Homs and travel in and around the city comfortably. A car allows you to plan exciting road trips to the cities near Homs. You can visit Hums, Ad Duwayn, Douair, Houmousse, and Dayr Ba’albah and return back to Homs in not time!

The Treasures of Homs

This city has seen many wars and conquests on its way to the modern era. You can trace its history through vists to the various historical sites and monuments dotting Homs’ landscape. Rent a car in Homs and drive to the Krak Des Chevaliers, also called the Castle of the Knights, which was built in 1031 of top of a hill. This castle was the focal point of many battles, including those during the First Crusade. Another historically precious monument is the Mosque of Khaled Ibn Al-Walid which was constructed during the First World War. This memorial to the Arab world’s greatest general in a fine example of grandiose Ottoman architecture. The National Folklore Museum and the Museum of Tradition in Homs exhibit archaeological findings and impressive historical and cultural artefacts. Homs’ treasures are incomplete without a mention of the Grand Mosque or the Al-Nouri Mosque, a brilliant embodiment of Syria’s culture and history.

Feisty Homs

Experience the Badiya culture of Syria during the Desert Folk Festival in Homs! This annual festival brings to life Syria’s culture, with people donning traditional costumes and participating in horse and camel races. There are exhibitions, musical shows, and a lively arts and craft market to keep you entertained. You must get a car for rent in Homs and visit the fine restaurants around the city which serve delicious traditional food. Specialising in Levantine cuisine, these restaurants serve delectable shawarmas, indigenous okra meals, and Homs’ special Batata Mahshi (stuffed potatoes) and grilled kibbeh.

Travel Reminder- Book a Car Rental in Homs

Make all your travel arrangements in advance to avoid any last minute confusion and watch ancient traditions and culture come alive in the vibrant city of Homs.

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