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Located in northwest Syria, Aleppo is the largest city in the country. For several decades, it remained the third largest city of the Ottoman Empire. This city is one of the oldest inhabited regions in the world and that is evident from the mixed culture prevalent here. Excavations in the southern part of the city show that the city was occupied from at least the 3rd century BC. Aleppo was an important place in the Silk Route that connected Mesopotamia with the rest of Central Asia. Prominent cities near Aleppo include Idlib, Manbij, Salamiyah, Damascus, and Latakia.

Find a car for hire in Aleppo and drive to the Dead cities

The western suburbs of Aleppo are referred to as the Dead Cities. There are some 700 settlements that were abandoned in northwest Syria before the 5th century. The Dead Cities were recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2011 by UNESCO and this makes it a must-visit destination for one and all. Visitors can get a car for rent in Aleppo through our website and explore these magnificent cities.

Religious buildings in Aleppo

This city is the heart of Arabian culture and architecture. Stunning religious buildings like mosques and churches are not only well constructed but beautiful too. The Great Mosque of Aleppo founded by Umayyad Caliph Walid I is one of the popular tourist destinations in the region. It contains the tomb of Zachary. Other famous mosques are Al-Nuqtah Mosque, Al-Shuaibiyah Mosque, Al-Adiliyah Mosque, and Altun Bogha Mosque. Travellers can hire a car in Aleppo and also visit the popular churches like Forty Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Cathedral for a holy experience.

Learn more about the ancient past of Aleppo

Tourists can rent a car in Aleppo and drive to the many museums in the city. The exhibits in these museums tell a lot about the existing culture as well as those that prevailed hundreds of years ago. The National Museum of Aleppo, the Aleppine House, the Museum of Medicine & Science, and Aleppo Memory Museum are must-visits. If you are fond of history, then do pay a visit to these museums. Renowned archaeological spots in the area include Roman Basilica, Mushabbak Basilica and Kafr Nabo, among others.

Avail car rental in Aleppo

Having a car is a great thing especially when you are on a vacation. There are many service providers operating in the city that offer guided tours of the entire region as well as places of your choice. Book a car from us and start an exciting trip in Aleppo!

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