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The city of Geneva, capital of the same named canton, is placed in the south west of Switzerland where the River Rhone leaves theLake Geneva and the lower Rhone Valley starts, just a few km away from the border of France.

A car for hire in Geneva is a great way to get from place to place

When you have disembarked at the Geneva International Airport, car for rent in Geneva is supplying you with the through internet reserved car. Which is why having a car for hire is a really good idea. You can easily book a rental car online before you travel to get the best discounts and have your car ready and waiting for you the moment you arrive. What a great adventure you will have with the convenience of your own rented car! Geneva is one of the world’s best known cities due to its numerous international peace and humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross. The city has numerous attractions with a great cultural scene and a vibrant nightlife. The nearby area has an astonishing diversity of highlights with several other interesting towns and a fantastic natural surrounding. You will be thrilled to have chosen Geneva as your holiday destination.

See the city highlights

Walk along the lake promenade and admire the exquisite view over the lake and the nearby hills before touring the old part with its fine buildings and churches such as the impressive St. Peter’s Cathedral. Visit one of the many museums, the Red Cross Museum as the main attraction. Rent a car in Geneva and drive to the cable car station of the Salève Mountain and enjoy a terrific view from the summit.

Tour the neighborhood

Hire a car in Geneva and cruise along the northern shoreline of the Lake Geneva, called the Swiss Riviera due to its mild climate, to the old town of Nyon with its fantastic arcades and the medieval castle. Take your time to drive up the mountain of La Dôle. The whole area is well known for its outstanding white wine; therefore you can tour some vineyards as well, especially near the fine town of Roll. Have a fabulous day on the lake and visit the cities of Lausanne and Montreux with the impressive Chateau de Chillon.

The services of a car rental in Geneva will help you to enjoy a more independent tour expedition

The list of attractions is sheer endless but you can visit many more places with your pre-booked car and enjoy all the amenities that comes along with it such as great mileage, GPS navigation and insurance and since you have booked it earlier online, it also means that you enjoy great discounts leaving you with a little more budget to enjoy a great holiday! It is so easy to get a rental car with the convenience of the internet so that you are free to tour the fantastic region at your own pace.

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