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Sundsvall is a large, well-populated city in Västernorrland County, Sweden, that lies roughly 400 km north of Stockholm. It is not only known for its commercial and industrial development, but also for its achievements in the realms of education, the arts, and sports.

Be Smart and Rent a Car in Sundsvall!

While Sundsvall is an extremely well developed city, visitors mostly rely on buses and taxis. Though the prices are not extravagant, locals suggest that it is better that visitors get a car for hire in Sundsvall for optimum comfort and convenience. Moreover, the nearby towns of Sodderhamn, Bollnas, Ostersund, and Borlange are also worth visiting, if you are in the region for a longer vacation. Thus, if you have a car to yourself, you can easily visit these places as well.

Get Sporty!

Nowhere in the vicinity of Sundsvall does one get to play as many sports as this city has to offer. For those who enjoy sports like golf and riding, there are several options for both that are not extravagantly priced. Others who are more adventurous can go in for paragliding, hiking, or biking, having the option to choose from easily navigable trails, to more difficult and dangerous ones for the latter two activities. In fact, those who hire a car in Sundsvall can also go to the areas outside the city where less frequented trails are also accessible. All in all, if one likes to get sporty on vacations, Sundsvall is the place to be!

Eat Away to Glory

With its 60 restaurants, cafes and bars, Sundsvall is well-equipped to satiate the appetites of all those that come its way. The restaurants are diverse in terms of the cuisines offered, ranging from international foods and traditional wares to ecological alternatives and award-winning dishes. Bars and clubs of various kinds dot the city, most of them have a staff that is very knowledgeable about food and drinks. The cafes too present an eclectic mix of retro-style coffee houses and ultra-mod ones having all the new and trendy coffees, and much more. Those who do get a car for rent in Sundsvall will find themselves flitting across town, sampling and savoring all the delicious foods the city has to offer.

Car Rental in Sundsvall – Easy!

Sundsvall has been acknowledged as being a most enchanting city by many. It is a good place for a vacation, be it a family-outing, a romantic holiday, or trip with friends. And with cars being easily available for rent here, you need not worry much about the logistics of transport and travelling!

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