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Formerly called Bremersdorp, Manzini is the capital of the Manzini District of Swaziland. It was once the capital of the country before the title was moved to Mbabane. If not for its market found on the corner of Mancishane and Mhlakuvane streets, Manzini would be a place that travellers can easily be missed. Manizini is surrounded by other cities, including Mthongwaneni, Kwaluseni, Ngwane Park, Ludzeludze, and Stans. The best time to visit the city is during the months of April, June, and October.

Visiting the city with a rent a car in Manzini

There are a lot of reasons to go to Manzini for a vacation. Manzini is considered an industrial city, but there are a lot of places to visit. Mostly, however, people travel to Manzini so that they could experience shopping in one of the markets of the city. They see that this is an enjoyable way for them to enjoy the city, without limiting themselves too much.

Restaurants in Manzini

You can easily get to one of the many restaurants that await you while you’re in Manzini. All you have to do is to look for a car for rent in Manzini so that you can move around the city and try out the restaurants. Listed below are some of the best restaurants that Manzini boasts of.

  • Egg Yolk Coffee Shop and Sports Bar. This restaurant has been named as Manzini’s best coffee shop. It also offers a selection of meals.
  • Mongolian Restaurant. If you’re looking for Mongolian food, you can drive to Villiers Street so that you can get your share from this restaurant.
  • Fontana di Trevi Pizzeria. If you’re in the mood for some pizza, this store in Mhlakuvane Street is a great place to go.
  • Gil Vicente. This restaurant offers some tasty Portuguese dishes.
  • Terrace Grill. This is another restaurant where you can eat Spanish and Portuguese dishes. It also doubles as a sports bar.

Nightlife in Manzini

The misconception about Swaziland is that there is no nightlife in the country. However, this is far from being true, because people in Manzini also know how to party. In fact, local pubs often bring in disc jockeys or music groups to perform in front of large crowds. If you do plan to experience the fun for which these pubs have been known, it is best that you get a car for hire in Manzini so that you can get home safely afterward.

Traveling around with a car rental in Manzini

When it comes to traveling around Manzini, you have the option to ride the bus or kombi or to get a taxi. Take note, however, that if you choose to ride a taxi in Manzini, the driver will give you a fixed price instead of using a meter. This is a relatively cheap option, especially if it is your first time to visit the city. Considering that Manzini is very small, you also have the option to walk from one point to the next under 15 minutes. Another (and, perhaps, the best) option is to hire a car in Manzini so that you can easily get to your next destination.

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