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Paramaribo is the capital city of the small country of Suriname. This country is located in the northern region of the South American sub-continent and is home to a number of religious as well as other tourist destinations. There are a number of historic regions in the city, and it offers a plenty of enjoyable activities. Rent a car in Paramaribo and explore the various attractions here.

Find a Car for Hire in Paramaribo and Explore the Beautiful City Conveniently

Hire a car in Paramaribo and enjoy all the convenience and comfort that comes with it. A car is undoubtedly the most convenient way of traveling around any city. There is no other means of transportation as comfortable as a car. You will also get to enjoy the freedom of making desired changes to your schedule and itinerary as you wish. A car is also the safest option compared to public transport, etc., and will let you enjoy a tension free trip of the city.

Places You Can Visit

The Neveh Shalom Synagogue and Mosque Keizerstraat are two very beautiful buildings located adjacent to each other. Both of these buildings are of undeniable significance in their respective religions and are definitely worth visiting. You can also visit The Arya Dewaker Hindu Temple, a very spectacular temple catering to the Arya population of the country. Another worth visiting attraction is the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral which is known for being the largest wooden structure of the western countries. Take a car for rent in Paramaribo and visit these places easily.

Things You Can Do Here

Visit the inner part of the city, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002. There are beautiful houses and structures here featuring unique architectural patterns. Visit the fortress of Fort Zeelandia, which was built by the British a long time ago. You can also visit the ruins of the Jewish settlement, now a historic site named Jodensavanne. There are ruins of various buildings, including a synagogue.

Arrange a Car Rental in Paramaribo and Visit the Cities Located Nearby

Paramaribo is a large city with many cities thriving nearby. You can visit these cities as well for the complete exploration of the region. Some of these cities are Meerzorg, Nieuw Amsterdam, Marienburg, Lelydorp, and Albina. All these cities can be easily accessed by road. So book your car well in advance!

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